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  01 December 2016, 09:00-13:00
  Hotel Sahati, Jl Taman Margawatwa No.45, South Jakarta

Network and Learning event didedikasikan untuk semua anggota jaringan AgriProFocus Indonesia. Kali ini, kita akan berbagi pembelajaran soal mempromosikan gender dalam rantai nilai. Pembicara yang akan berbagi adalah:

1. Dini Widiastuti dari Oxfam in Indonesia - Rantai nilai sawit

2. Caecilia Putri Mumpuni  dari Swisscontact -  Rantai nilai kakao

3. Mashadi Mulyo  dari Hivos -  Rantai nilai kopi

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Network and Learning event is dedicated to all AgriProFocus Indonesia network members. This time, we will share and learn from each other regarding promoting gender in value chain.

The speakers are:

1. Dini Widiastuti from Oxfam in Indonesia - Palm Oil Value Chain

2. Caecilia Putri Mumpuni from Swisscontact - Cocoa Value Chain

3. Mashadi Mulyo from Hivos - Coffee Value Chain

Women plays important role in agriculture. They are in charge of many things along the value chain, however their important contributions at most of the times are not seen by in the society. In general women are less integrated in value chains than men. This lack of acknowledgement has caused lack of technical training; less payment; difficulty in accessing financing, experienced by women – if compare to men. And even though they receive the same amount of money for the similar task as men – they receive less incentive.

The situation becomes important to address, especially when many studies have showed that when women’s roles are recognized and are acknowledged, family’s food security situation improving, children education gets better and family’s economy strengthens. To mainstream these positive impacts, many NGOs are integrating gender approach in their program, follows by practice from some private sectors.

Implementing of this approach is not easy, particularly in a situation where society is yet gender sensitive. A sharing and learning session regarding integrating gender in value chain will be a good way to learn from each other and to improve the good practice.

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