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Posted 2 February 2017 at 09:37

The First 2017 Business Drinks: How It Went

Last week, 26 January, we had our first Business Drinks of the year 2017. As usual, it has remarkably served members and partners to meet new people, chat about possible business opportunities, and introduce new agribusinesses.

More than 70 people attended the event, and we had the chance to listen interesting one-minute pitches.

Awot Berhane is a student at Addis Ababa University, and made a pitch about Green Innovation Hub, which he is a member. He told us that GIH is a student led initiative which channels youth ideas towards tackling climate change and promotes sustainable development.

Wendewesen Kebede is another young pitcher on our Business Drinks. He represents a group of Dairy Advisors who are well experienced on the dairy sector and have received practical trainings from well-known experts arranged by DairyBISS program and Fair and Sustainable Ethiopia. Wendewesen explained on his pitch that the Advisors group provides various dairy development services for dairy farmers. Located mainly in three area – Sendafa, Holleta, Bishoftu – the advisory and practical services which the Dairy Advisors provide include diary housing, farm economics, farm record keeping, feed and feeding, hygiene and milk, breeding, health care, calf rearing, hoof trimming, and so on.

We listened another pitch from Scott Short who works for AECOM International Development. Scott introduced the project which his organization is implementing. He said they are implementing a four year project funded by USAID. The project focuses in the lowlands of Afar, SNNP and Somali Regions of Ethiopia. He pitched that their work focuses on “WASH, Small Scale Irrigation, and Water Data Management.”

Zewdie Aderaw, a PhD student, who is looking for agri-nutrition interventions, and Daniel Teshome, public health background but about to enter in the poultry business and in search of people in the sector – are also among the pitches we enjoyed last Thursday night.

The organizers, AgriProFocus and Ethiopia Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG), are proud to see members and partners engaging in hot discussions and interaction to further broaden their business networks.

Finally we would like to thank participants who gave us important comments and admirations regarding our Business Drinks events and the benefits they are providing to people in the agribusiness sector - to mention a few: Meseret Wessenie, Medhin W/Areagy, Rahwa Yemane. [Hi Meseret and Rahawa, please update your profiles with info about yourself; and Medhin, you still are not a member of the online platform, though you are a subscriber, please sign up today.]

We look forward the next Business Drinks in two-months with even more interesting pitches and business opportunities.