Making agribusiness work for development

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  21 March 2017, 14:00-18:00
  Humanity House, The Hague

Making agribusiness work for development

How successful do you think The Netherlands is in linking Aid & Trade? How can we create stronger linkages between the different stakeholders of the 'Dutch Diamond'? Do the muddy boots from the field ever meet the shiny office shoes, are they different worlds or do they walk together? The AgriProFocus network has the pleasure to invite you to this unique event. Join us and learn by sharing and reflecting on experiences with the Aid & Trade policy, show leadership by looking ahead and explore opportunities to work together (better)!

At the end of the current government's term the AgriProFocus network looks back and forward on the Aid & Trade agenda. What are the experiences of the various stakeholders involved in agribusiness in developing countries? What is the added value of partnerships and cooperation? Which elements of this agenda have been successful for improving farmer entrepreneurship to increase food and nutrition security? What would our advise be to a new minister and to ourselves: what to keep, what to stop and what to start with?

In this event AgriProFocus members and other experts from the agri-food sector are invited to share their lessons learned, get inspired by the insights and stories of others and generate new ideas for the future.


13.30 - 14.00: Walk in with coffee and tea
14.00 - 14.30: Setting the scene by AgriProFocus
14.30 - 15.05: Round 1: What to continue?
15.05 - 15.10: Video: Acces to Seeds - Impact agribusiness in Uganda
15.10 - 15.45: Round 2: What to stop?
16.00 - 16.05: Video: Acces to Finance - Impact agribusiness in Benin
16.05 - 16.40: Round 3: What to start?
16.40 - 17.00: Conclusions and way forward
17.00 - 18.00: Network drinks and launch of book 'Dairy matters - Inspiring stories on dairy development in Kenya' by SNV and Wageningen UR

In three pre-sessions facilitated by Wilma Roozenboom, representatives of different member organisations of AgriProFocus have already compiled input on the three main questions of today. Each group has appointed delegates who will act as panel during the 3 conversation rounds. Wilma Roozenboom and Melle Leenstra (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) will act as sidekicks during the conversation, that is build up in:  

• 2 minutes pitches by panellist highlighting outcomes from sessions, ending with a proposition
• Short one-on-one discussions about proposition
• Add-ons and reflections by sidekicks
• Lots of room for interaction with you, the audience

Outcomes of the meeting can be found HERE