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Posted 10 February 2017 at 09:46

Poultry Africa 2017 Leadership Conference 

Summit-Expo supported by VIV, NABC, WPSA, WVPA and partners

With the recent opening of the Kigali Convention Center, the beautiful, clean, safe and well-connected Capital of Rwanda is set to be the host of the launch-edition of Poultry Africa. The pan-African event focuses to connect African and international producers and suppliers in Poultry & Eggs.

Program outline 

Leadership Conference – 2 days (09.00-17.00): Leadership Conference (150 attendees) 

Technical Best Practices Seminar – 2 days (13.00-17.00) Seminars (250 attendees) 

Expo – 2 days (10.00-17.00) Boutique exhibition (75 exhibitors approx.) 

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Janine Schoeman Hi Sylvia, have you created an event for this as well? If not, could you please do this. Thanks

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