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Posted 21 February 2017 at 08:50

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AgriProFocus Kenya Annual Network Day 2016 - Highlights

Our annual network day held on the 19th October at Karura forest in Nairobi attracted a good number of delegates and exhibitors within the agriculture space. This annual event brings together actors in the public and private sectors to meet, reflect and collaboratively discuss future plans and aspirations as members of the network. This year's theme was "unlocking the business opportunities for food and nutrition security in the wake of climate change." This event comes at a time when as AgriProFocus, we are reflecting back to the 11 years of our existence -- what value we have created for our members and partners, what challenges we've overcome and opportunities ahead.

Some of our achievements for the year 2016: 

i) Learning platforms - experiences, lessons learned and innovations shared on our learning platforms.

ii) Cross-project learning - from all the Dutch projects in Kenya providing a multi-stakeholder sharing forum for Dairy, Horticulture and Aquaculture sectors.

iii) Farmer exposure visits organised with 40 companies across 12 counties in Kenya 

iv) Joint action through consultative forums, notably forums on inclusive finance for farmers and the role of private sector in enhancing food safety standards for domestic market. 

v) Youth in agribusiness - Convened a youth in cooperatives management forum with Agriterra, one of our partners. 

While highlighting our aspirations and plans for the future, the need for a food platform, learning labs and more business to business platforms among others, were evident. 

From the climate change and food security sessions, what came out clearly was the need to form partnerships, provide open and reliable information to the people that are most affected by climate change and malnutrition: the households and farmers. There is a need to work in synergy to avoid duplication and wastage.


An exhibition market place also ran alongside the sessions with about 19 companies exhibiting. In the financial sector, there were: Century MicroFinance Bank, Rafiki, ECLOF Kenya, Acre Africa, Inuka Africa, Free Kenya, Chama Supreme Banking and Ezy Seed. Kibo was also present to showcase its K150 motorbike with an extremely high payload of 250 Kgs. Presenting environmental innovations were: Kenya Biogas Program and EcoZoom showcasing their stoves and solar lamps. Biofoods and Kenya Meat Commission represented the food processing sectors. Green Gold company also showcased its own moringa olieifera as healthy products. Further, EdenSys a company that connects farmers to suppliers, service providers and markets worldwide. 

We had hoped to do a tree planting exercise but could not do so due to the dry weather experienced in Nairobi. However, it is hoped that this exercise will be done in future. We would like to thank our sponsors, partners, members and volunteers for making this year's event such a success.  

Download the full report here.

Watch this VIDEO that provides a good summary.