2nd Int. Conference: Advancing Food & Nutrition in Africa

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  29 December 2017 to 31 December 2017 - All Day Event
  Jijiga city, Somali Region, Ethiopia

Jijiga University of Ethiopia is planning to organize the 2nd International conference on “Narrowing the disparity Gaps among marginalized population in Africa”: Advancing Food and nutrition in Africa. Tentatively the conferences will be held on the coming Dec 29-31, 2017 at Jijiga city of Somali regional state, Ethiopia.

In this event the following sub-themes are selected for the scientific scholars to deliver their speech and share their research findings and show policy direction. Sub themes and the specific themes will be as follows:

1. Food Security:

• Food insecurity among marginalized population in Africa

• Factors contributing food insecurity in Africa

• Climate stress and food security in Africa

2. Evidence based interventions of the food and nutrition worldwide:

• Safety net and emergency interventions (Positive and negative aspects)

• Agricultural interventions, what works and does not work?

• Social and Cultural aspects in implementation of nutrition interventions

3. Sustainable interventions of nutrition for new and future Africa

• Agriculture and environment intervention

• Nutrition and nutritional interventions

• Agricultural and Agricultural education interventions

• Sustaining the positive African cultural habit

4. Cultural sustainable dietary interventions to be encouraged

• The health aspects of native African foods such as Tef enjera, soghum, millet, amaranth, argon oil, and others

• Healthy foods during prolonged fasting periods in Northern Ethiopia.

• Cultural/traditional African foods vs nutrition transitions

• Traditional indigenous food consumption and their health impacts

5. Food safety and public health

· Food microbial contamination and Post harvest loss

· Mycotoxin contamination and public health hazards

Therefore, any organization that is interested to sponsor the event is welcomed

For more information, please contact Anbissa Muleta Senbeta,, +251912161726