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Posted 8 May 2017 at 10:35


An AVSI initiative sponsored by Embassy of Netherlands in collaboration with different implementing partners to provide a platform for knowledge transfer among the youth and gainful employment for sustainable income generation.

 Agromax is one of such implementing partners that is working with a number of youth to create meaningful impact on the individuals and their communities as a whole

Individual story of Kasozi James

James, aged 24 years, was born and raised up in Busula Village, Wakiso District in Central Uganda to parents who were practicing Agriculture at a subsistence level.

James grew up admiring Mr. Mulwana, a successful entrepreneur and farmer in the neighborhood and wanted to be like him. However, James’ dream came to a halt when after S.4, he couldn’t continue with his education due to financial hardships.” Being out of school was unbearable and tormenting to me’’, James recalls. “All the dreams and plans that I had of making my life and community better seemed to run away from me.’’ Soon James relocated to Kampala, where he became a clothes vendor working with his uncle in Owino Market.

One day as he returned home from the day’s work, Kasozi’s uncle came with the news of a program that he had heard about at church, that would provide opportunities to learn modern agriculture practices and also, the students would earn while they learnt. James upon hearing this requested his uncle to find out more on this program and see if he could get an opportunity to enroll. The opportunity came, and James was formally admitted to the SKY Program where for 6 months, he was taught modern methods of farming, and principles of farm management. To James, this program led to resurrection of his dreams. He feels his childhood dreams and prayers had been answered. After the training, Kasozi set out to revive his childhood dreams.

James went home, mobilized 30 youth in his community and began a community based organization called “ youth with a vision’’ which operates as a SACCO, Investment club and a skills training centre. In February 2017, they organized a talents expo which was a fundraising platform. In this talent expo, they invited their communities and charged shs 2000/= as entrance fee. They raised 800,000/=. The money raised was used to fund some of their ongoing activities, and to rent land to carry out their agricultural activities. James is their co-coordinator and trainer in Agriculture. He is currently working on setting up a horticultural demonstration farm to enhance their skilling activities.