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Posted 12 June 2017 at 04:55

Roundtable Discussion on Post Harvest Loss for Nutrition in Mango & Tongkol

After the workshop Minimizing Postharvest Loss for Nutrition on March 21st 2017, GAIN futher explored post harvest loss in Mango and Tongkol with an in-depth study by Dalberg. The aim is to assess the post-harvest losses in these two value chains and identify potential intervention to bring Postharvest Loss Alliance for Nutrition (PLAN) in Indonesia by engaging key relevant stakeholders. Together with GAIN and AgriProFocus Indonesia, Dalberg presented their preliminary findings on Mango and Tongkol value chains through a round table discussion, on May 23 – 24th 2017 in Jakarta.

The broad topic areas covered during the roundtable are: an overview of the Mango and Tongkol value chains and associated Post Harvest Loss and Waste, the financing landscape for key actors involved in the Mango and Tongkol value chains, and potential opportunities and intervention areas as part of PLAN. Mr. Galopong Sianturi, Director of Community Nutrition of the Ministry of Health said, “We are concerned about how the food is produced, harvested, distributed and or processed. We are aware that post harvest loss is one significant factor that can prohibit the sustainibility of the food system. It could affect national health in general” on his opening speech.

Futhermore, Roberta Lauretti-Bernhard, Senior Technical Specialist Agriculture for GAIN explained the context of the study related to bring the PLAN approach to Indonesia. “PLAN intends to build an ecosystem for local businesses to implement technology solutions that will significantly reduce post harvest loss or food waste. We formed an alliance of global actors of finance, research and private sector.  We also have a local alliance, and then we bring them together on the platform that we are developing” she said.

Both roundtables discussion brought together stakeholders in Mango and Tongkol value chain, ranging from government offices, research institutions, financial institutions, development agencies, civil society organizations, cold chain associations, retailers, traders, distributors, wholesalers, etc. They all actively gave input to the study findings and brainstorm together to explore potential interventions for PLAN in Indonesia.

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