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Posted 26 July 2017 at 10:02

“Cooperation is critical to achieving success and impact”

Membership Agreement signed between Van Hall Larenstein and AgriProFocus

Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences and AgriProFocus signed a Membership Agreement on 21st June 2017. Van Hall Larenstein’s Board Chairman Peter van Dongen and AgriProFocus’ Executive Director Sander Mager put their signatory and discussed the opportunities of further collaboration in a short meeting with staff of both organisations and a group of six students.

The Membership Agreement will strengthen the engagement and active participation of Van Hall Larenstein in the AgriProFocus network and improve the added value of the AgriProFocus network for Van Hall Larenstein, with a specific focus on sharing knowledge and connections in agribusiness for development. This will contribute to Van Hall Larenstein’s connections with the broader international agri-food development practitioners’ community as well as with policy makers; and in view of strengthening AgriProFocus’ quality of work in its strategic pillars Linking, Learning and Leadership.
Specific results of network collaboration will be in the areas of:

+ Project collaborations in the common focus countries: Indonesia, Ethiopia and Kenya.
+ Partnering in co-creation or evaluation of Learning Approaches.
+ Participation of AgriProFocus in Professional Advisory Committee of International Masters.
+ Network links: multi-stakeholder AgriProFocus, students, alumni, staff.
+ Co-creation / co-organisation of activities in context of Learning and Leadership pillar.
+ Internships of Van Hall Larenstein students at a AgriProFocus country network or network member organization.

‘It is very important for VHL students and staff to join the AgriProFocus network,’ commented Coordinator of the Master Agricultural Production Chain Management Marco VERSCHUUR. ‘Learning from the different projects of AgriProFocus members and bringing these together contributes to knowledge enrichment,’ expects Professor of Applied Sciences Rik Eweg. AgriProFocus values the mutual knowledge sharing with VHL staff and students. ‘Cooperation is critical to achieving success and impact, in the area of the sustainable development goals and food security,’ comments Sander Mager.

The students and alumni network of VHL represent a range of countries and sectors, which benefit from the direct engagement in the VHL courses and research work, and which indirectly benefit from the linkages between VHL and AgriProFocus. Students present at the signing ceremony were for example from the Ethiopian horticulture sector, from Ministries of Agriculture in Tanzania and Zambia, working with irrigation and production chain management in Kenya, and an agricultural extension officer from Uganda.

AgriProFocus and Van Hall Larenstein have a long history of collaboration in the agricultural sector and in international development. Since the start of AgriProFocus in 2005, Van Hall Larenstein is a member organization. The three Van Hall Larenstein domains (Delta Areas and Resources, Food & Dairy and Animals & Business) have many connections with AgriProFocus’ work and network.

For further information: please contact Nicole Metz or Marco VERSCHUUR

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