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Posted 2 August 2017 at 12:10

#Highlight2016: Campaign: Young Agripreneurz Ambassador 2016

Tina Napitupulu, (former) Country Coordinator, AgriProFocus Indonesia:

“The Young Agripreneurz Ambassador is a competition and campaign organised by the Innovation and Learning Community Youth and Agriculture under the AgriProFocus Indonesia network. The goal of the campaign was to promote agri-entrepreneurship among youth and make agriculture more attractive as a source of income. The chosen ambassadors set up a campaign to show the young generation that agribusiness is cool and there are young farmer entrepreneurs who have been successful in developing their agribusiness, especially in Indonesia. The candidates who entered the competition were provided with a series of trainings and classes, including IT and business, value chain analysis, but also training in leadership and public speaking. We visited companies, a school, and even held a press conference with much media attention.

Our network involved various members and stakeholders in this programme and I am proud that the Young Agripreneurz Ambassador campaign was a success and changed the outdated image of farming for Indonesian youth. We are very proud to have Rici Solihin as the Young Agripreneurz Ambassador of 2016. Rici was elected as winner because of his great willingness to share knowledge and experience to his fellow contenders.”

Rici Solihin, Young Agriprenuerz Ambassador 2016:

“I am Rici Solihin, a creative, responsible and motivated farmer with genuine interest in business and agriculture from Indonesia. I am very proud to have been chosen as Young Agripreneurz Ambassador 2016 by the AgriProFocus Indonesia network! I am the owner of Paprici, an Indonesian Vegetables Supplier and Bell Pepper Cultivation. While completing my Master of Science at Universitas Padjadjaran, I developed Farmtastic, a start-up project, to solve the high logistic cost and networking problem for small-scale farmers.

My greatest experience during Young Agripreneurz Ambassador training was visiting established enterprises like Javara, an enterprise that promotes local premium food, and Rumah Organik, an organisation that promotes organic permaculture farming. In Javara, I learned that farming is not merely a production process but more importantly about branding and post-harvesting processes to give added value to agriculture produce.

My plan as ambassador is to campaign to increase awareness about the precious role of local farmers both online with the #terimakasihpetani movement, and also promoting farmer regeneration in campus and community offline events.”

Participants: 541 applicants, 10 finalists, 1 winner
Partners: Oxfam Indonesia, Hivos and many local partners

Check the video of the campaign below!