Smart Water for Agriculture Learning Event

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  18 September 2017, 14:00-19:00

Participation by invitation only!   

AgriProFocus Kenya, on behalf of The Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV), has organised a lesson sharing session on Smart Water Solutions for agriculture in Kenya. The learning event is anchored around EKN in Kenya-funded programme, Smart Water for Agriculture Programme implemented by a consortium that includes SNV, Meta Meta, Royal Tropical Institute, Aqua for All,  Tropica and Wageningen University. 

The four-year programme aims to increase water productivity, income and food security by developing climate-smart and market-led ‘smart water' solutions to 20,000 farmers in five counties. By using less water and energy to decrease their input costs, these small and medium-sized entrepreneurial (SME) farmers are expected to increase the income and profitability of their farms.

This session is open to stakeholders in the agri-food and water sectors, where we will be exploring potential areas for collaboration through:

  • Learning the different components of the program;
  • Sharing how future activities under the SWA programme will look like and exploring areas of synergies.

If you would like to participate in this learning event, please drop an email to or call +254 735 145 307 or comment below, providing name of your organisation, your role and email address. We will then send you the registration details and the programme. 

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