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Posted 7 September 2017 at 06:04

Deepest Condolences for friends, colleagues and family members of the renowned Ethiopian Soil Scientist - Prof. Tekalign Mamo

We just learned that Prof. Tekalign Mamo passed away. It is a very sad news to bring to all members and partners of AgriProFocus Ethiopia. On behalf of our members and partners, I would like to extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Here is a short profile of extracted from FAO:

Prof. Tekalign Mamo, a 1985 graduate in soil chemistry and fertility from Aberdeen University in Scotland, bears many mantles of a successful researcher, academician and leader. Prior to his current role as State Minister and Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, he has served as Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture (2005-2010), State Minister of Agriculture (2004-2005), Vice President of Haramaya University (2004), and senior researcher and Director of research (1985-1999).
He has published over 75 scientific papers and book chapters (focusing on soil chemistry and fertility, crop nutrition, Vertisol management and soil nutrient assessment techniques) in peer-reviewed journals locally and abroad. He is also the founder and first editor-in-chief of the Ethiopian Journal of Natural Resources. He has taught graduate courses and advised many students locally and abroad. Currently, he advises or co-advises five PhD and six Master degree students in local and foreign universities. Major awards and honors he received include: Honorary Member of Ethiopian Soil Science Society, Swiss Trans-disciplinarity Award, and Recognition by the American Biographical Institute, Professorship from Haramaya University and Certificate of Recognition and Gold Medal Award for Meritorious Achievements in Agricultural Research. Since October 2011, he has also been serving as a Commissioner in the Global Commission dealing with Climate Change, Food Security and Agriculture.
Lately, he developed a prioritized five-year soil health and fertility management roadmap for the Ministry and this was endorsed by the Ministry of Agriculture and presented to the Government. Two key components of the strategy are the National Soil Fertility Mapping and Fertilizer Blending Projects, which were endorsed and launched with his overall supervision. Through this national initiative in which enormous national soil resource information database, processing capacity and modern infrastructure are being built, there are also preparations to establish a National Soil Resources Institute in the country. The other expected outcome of the ongoing work will be the revamping of the fertilizer advisory service in the country and the anticipated increase in agricultural production and productivity in the next few years. He is a founding fellow of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences and initiated and conducted a series of research issues that have now contributed to the national extension program.

Picture: On the occasion of Ethiopian Soil Campaign on December 2015; Artist Sileshi Demissie, Jelleke de Nooy, Artist Munit Mesfin, and Prof Tekalign Mamo (from right to left)