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Posted 13 September 2017 at 03:24

General Assembly of Agri BDS Network Members

On Friday, 08th September 2017, the Agri BDS Network ( held its General Assembly at Umubano Hotel to gather members' ideas in making a setup which can enhance the marketing and increase their visibility locally and internationally.

The objective of the workshop was to commonly improve the orientation of the network and discussing the registration of the Agri BDS Network.

During the workshop, the network members discussed the progress in the registration of Agri BDS Network in Rwanda Development Board (RDB). The president of Agri BDS Network , Laurent ULIMUBENSHI ( has explained the whole registration process as well as the required documents including the identity number of the network. He explained that Agri BDS Network doesn’t have ID number to be used in the registration due to the fact that it works as a social network, not as a company.

On the issue of registration, participants of the meeting have concluded that Agri BDS Network will officially open discussions with the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) to enhance a sustainable Network contribution in the transformation of agriculture. It was concluded also that through this partnership, Agri BDS Network will discuss with the Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) for possible cooperation.

In addition, Anne Marie Kortleve ( encouraged Agri BDS Network members to market themselves and showed them some valuable understandings on how to improve their marketing and increasing visibility through using the AgriProFocus platform.

The workshop closed around 6:00 pm by having a cocktail as an opportunity for networking!!


Would you like to join the Agri BDS Network? More information can be obtained by contacting:

Laurent ULIMUBENSHI - President of the Agri BDS Network

Tel: +250 788 309 638