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Posted 5 October 2017 at 11:48

Are you in the Ethiopian Poultry Sector?

In two weeks time we will launch the Feed Calculator, an innovative app for poultry farmers to optimize their own feed recipes and therefore reduce their feed cost dramatically. The app will be for free for farmers with <1000 birds.

 Just see this animation for a short explanation. 

My questions are:

- Is it common in Ethiopia to make your own poultry feed?

- Are there shops where you can buy different poultry feed ingredients at once (eg. soya bean meal, fish meal, rice bran, premix, DL-methionine etc.) 

Looking forward if somebody can answer these questions. 


Peter Meijer

Gizaw Legesse Dear Peter Meijer, As far as I know there is little or no trend in making poultry feed by the farmers in Ethiopia. I also think there are no shops who sale all ingredients together - that could be one of the reasons that farmers do not make their own feed, but not knowing the chemistry is also the major challenge. There are only few feed producers who are also somehow located in one place, Bishoftu - some 50KMs from Addis. I saw the video and the feed calculator App is really great. If you didn't yet, however, I suggest you make contact with some people who are working in the sector to give them the chance to review the App in Ethiopian context. You can contact Ethiopian Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) who runs the poultry platform in Ethiopia:  ----- And another suggestion is to make the video translated to Amharic. (I will share your post on AgriProFocus Facebook page.) Good luck on the launching!!

11 months 2 weeks ago

Peter Meijer Thank you Gizaw!

11 months 1 week ago