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Posted 6 October 2017 at 03:18

Workshop on contract farming in Rwanda

Over 60 stakeholders of agri-food sector in Rwanda including government officials from different public institutions, private agribusiness companies, representatives of farmers organizations, financial institutions, and NGO’s have attended a one-day workshop on contract farming in Rwanda at Umubano Hotel, Kigali. 

Under the theme “Transforming the agribusiness sector through contract farming in Rwanda” the workshop was focusing on increasing the linkages between farmers and agribusiness firms. The participants of workshop shared the current status of contract farming in Rwanda, they have also presented the experiences and success stories of contract farming as well as developing the recommendations for the promotion of contract farming in Rwanda.

Speaking during the official opening of the workshop, MINAGRI Permanent Secretary, Mr. Kayisinga Jean Claude started by thanking the organizers of the workshop. “The farmers must have constant supply and products of good quality where the buyers are guaranteed to get constant supply from the farmers which in turn are a benefit to the farmers to access loans from financial institution for buying agro-inputs. I thank PSDAG project and AgriProFocus Rwanda to work with MNAGRI and set up this workshop because this workshop is going to help us to understand more the challenges of contract farming in Rwanda. It will also help us to take recommendations by making sure that in future we are not going to face these challenges between buyers and farmers” he added

The participants of workshop asked the buyers to collaborate and understand how many buyers are actually going to buy products from the farmers or cooperatives because there is an issue of multiple contracts in farmer cooperatives.

During this workshop, the buyers said that contracting schemes and buyers of farm products can ensure that they will have a regular supply of produce that meet quality requirements and are timely delivered. This will solve the problem of price fluctuation on the market.

Dancille Uwamaliya, the president of COPCUMA Cooperative of Gatsibo district who attended the workshop said that signing of contracts will benefit the farmers and buyers in that it creates security since both parties agree on a fixed price.

In her presentation, Madam Christine who is PSDAG chef of party showed extent at which contract farming is needed in Rwanda. “There should be regular follow up activities on producers throughout the season and address the problems before the starting of marketing season”, she recommended

Close to the end of the workshop, the participants agreed on some conclusions and recommendations which will be shared shortly and supporting contract farming in Rwanda.

A big thank you to all the participants, we look forward to cooperating more in the upcoming activities which can modernize agricultural and food markets in Rwanda. 

With the media, you can see the atmosphere during the workshop: