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Posted 17 October 2017 at 11:01

Voice for Change Partnership: 'Nothing for us without us'

On 29th September 2017, AgriProFocus, IFPRI, SNV, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Kenya together with several stakeholders started a journey that will see critical transformation and development in Kenya- the launch of the Voice for Change Partnership project. 

It is clear through available statistics that by 2050 the world population would be over 9 billion and the biggest challenge would be food insecurity. The premonition, if we don’t act on the looming food crisis, many people are going to die of hunger. From human point of view and indeed Africa tradition, dying of hunger is not only painful but also shameful. It is imperative then for everyone to commit to work in order to avert the pain and shame of the encroaching calamity.

The urgency of the solutions to this peculiar problem of food insecurity especially in Africa cannot be underrated. From several researches, it is clear that the Africa continent has latent potential to feed the world if their capacity is enhanced. Now more than ever, the world should be determined to help Africa to rediscover themselves and their inbuilt abilities gifts and resources that can be exploited to make lives better.

There is need to change old strategies that have proved unfit and unproductive to achieve development goals before. For instance, according to (FAO 2011 Rome), communication for development is a factor that we should clearly focus on if we are to change Global fortunes especially in Agriculture. One thing that is clear is that adaptation and adoption of new technologies especially in rural areas has been extremely low. Reason, the communication models that were employed before have always been inefficient and ineffective.

Therefore, for the world to succeed in creating an effective and efficient communication for Development strategy that would ensure maximum benefit, we need to reconsider our position on critical factor that have previously hindered our success.

Building Trust

From past experience, it is clear that the relationship between different actors has not been cordial. There have been so many assumed factors including engagement of grassroots stakeholders like farmers this hampered successful implementation of new technologies, skills and strategies for maximum production. From a communication point, one can create rapport by constantly engaging one another constantly. Given the insistence on building by the Voice of change means there is a new dawn that we believe would be a game changer as we strive towards Zero Hunger in the world.

Capacity Building

Building capacity involves creating a unique voice for all actors especially those in rural areas. For instance, if we are serious about eradicating poverty and Hunger we have to constantly empower those who are directly engaged in the fields. Just imagine how productive it would be for farmers to know the best way to apply fertilizers, think of how useful it would be for rural farmers to access markets in their local areas through strategic partnership and collaboration. This we believe would make it easy for us to work closely and synergistically to produce surplus to feed others.

Policy making

For a long time policies have been made without input from the users. This has in turn affected negatively successful implementation. For the world to achieve sustainable development goals, then governments and policy makers need to appreciate the need for proper engagement with those who matter. According to Irungu Houghton a vocal civil society member in Kenya and founder of Chapter One Kenya, the World Trade Organization failure to deliver for the people especially small-scale farmers through their subsidies is detrimental to attainment of SDGs. It is because of this we believe that there is need for everyone to take their rightful place doing whatever small to March forward towards realization of Zero Hunger, No poverty good health and well-being.

In deed it is time for development partners to seize the opportunity, support civil societies and other stakeholders through strategic partnerships and collaboration to create better platform to engage openly and candidly in order to eliminate bottlenecks in the implementation of new technologies, skills and strategies for Community development.

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