FarmERP - Smart Agriculture ERP platform for Farm and Farmer data management

FarmERP the most comprehensive and successful flagship software solution being used globally for farm, farmer, procurement, processing, supply chain and financial data management and analysis. It has helped many leading companies in achieving objectives of profitable and sustainable agribusiness. 

FarmERP is a multi-user, multi-location, multi-cropping, integrated software platform for horticulture, plantation, vegetables, fruits, floriculture, growers and exporters. It provides advanced level of farm analytics to support business decisions. It possesses inbuilt powerful capabilities of any ERP solution covering all business functions. Simultaneously it provides advanced level of analytics to support business decisions. Important modules it is comprised of are Admin, Planning, Purchase, Inventory, Production, Post production, Contract farming, Biotech, HR, Accounts, Maps, Quality Control, and Farm analytics. Our unique and innovative product FarmERP aims at;

1. Enhancing the productivity and quality

2. Optimisation of cost of production to increase economic returns

3. Achieving water conservation

4. Farm technology advancement

5. Table control of farms at various locations

FarmERP can be customised as per business requirements and can be easily integrated with smart devices as well as legacy ERP or Financial systems. With more than 200 reports and customisable data dashboards, it is the most scalable, tested and robust platform available in the market. FarmERP provides intelligent data insights for accurate decision making.

Highlights of FarmERP :

  • Complete control over single digital platform for entire process management
  • User access permissions and roles up to plot level
  • Farm to Fork Traceability
  • Table control of farms located at remote locations
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • MIS Reports
  • Useful in macro level crop planning, scheduling, procurement and supply
  • Inventory tracking and analysis 
  • Optimisation of cost of production to increase economic returns
  • Achieving water conservation
  • Maintains history of practices adopted and daily operations
  • Geo-mapping and Crop Scouting solutions
  • Tree encoding and asset valuation
  • Faster decision making through intelligent data analytics
  • Finance module and crop wise financial reports
  • Higher accessibility through mobile client app
  • Practising of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Industry Best Practices

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