Community of Practice - Youth in AgriBusiness

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  21 November 2017, 16:00-18:00
  AgriProFocus, Utrecht

Join us at the 2nd Youth in AgriBusiness - Community of Practice

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The AgriProFocus network, in close collaboration with F&BKP, facilitates the second Community of Practice (CoP) for and with professional youth from members and stakeholders! The aim is to exchange our knowledge, share experiences and jointly contribute to innovative solutions for young people to become successful entrepreneurs in the agrifood sector and to have their voices heard among decision makers. 

TOPIC OF THIS CoP: Is there a bridge in the room? How to design an end-to-end approach to closing the gap between unemployed youth and the agrifood sector? BY: Heifer and Edukans

How to “bridge the gap” between the skills of unemployed youth and the requirements for successful (self-)employment in the agrifood sector? Many interventions focus on either the supply side - improving youth skills - or the demand side - creating market and value chain opportunities. There is however no guarantee that these approaches meet in the middle.

In this 2nd Community of Practice Heifer and Edukans invite you to take a closer look at this issue, using a practical case: Learn4Agribusiness. This is a program that they jointly develop in Uganda to stimulate youth employment in the agrifood sector. The project focuses on both the supply and demand side in an integrated way. Ideas and challenges of the process are shared and we will jointly further explore how to improve and strengthen the link between unemployed youth and unrealised opportunities in the agrifood sector.

Interested in joining us? 

To take the the opportunity to:

- Share your recent work on youth in agribusiness

- Give input and feedback on the work of others

- Identify key questions and ideas for joint action

- Get inspired and go home with new ideas on how to improve your work

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