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Posted 16 November 2017 at 01:44

Making the case for Gender in Agrifood Value Chains

Members of AgriProFocus inspired for joint action 

On September 21st, members of AgriProFocus came together and jointly established an agenda for network actions on gender in value chains. During this meeting, they expressed their need for continuous attention for the case for gender at all levels in organisations and companies. There is a lot of action at the level of the members themselves, most of them implementing tools to strengthen the gender dimension of private sector investment or value chain work. Members confirm that collaborating with the network can enhance the impact of their work. To meet the needs of the network, AgriProFocus proposes to facilitate a conference in Spring 2018, to facilitate exchange meetings between members and to centralize available resources.

Many member organisations have included gender equality goals, women empowerment and/or female leadership within their organisational policy. Most members have developed particular tools, mainstream gender in interventions, and offer training and learning about gender. So the knowledge and tools are available to implement a gender integration agenda in value chains.

But what are obstacles in this process and how can they be solved by a network?

A challenge is to make gender the norm among all stakeholders and levels within an organisation. As a network, AgriProFocus members can collaborate to communicate convincing arguments for investing in a gendered approach to value chains (‘making the case for gender’), building on their practical experience and the evidence from different countries and sectors. This ambition, “making the case for gender’, will also be the topic of a gender conference in Spring 2018.

Another challenge identified by the network, is the amount and diversity of individual initiatives concerning gender. This causes repetition in our work and re-invention of the wheel. This can be changed by creating more synergy and complementary through exchange meetings and through the centralization of available resources.

Dutch member organisations and other Netherlands-based organisations or companies with interest to join any of the above, are kindly invited to contact Caroline van der Molen at

Nicole Metz Thanks for sharing Caroline. I think it is good for members (and other agencies reading news on this platform) to know that the conference will be organised a/o. in collaboration with the Food & Business Knowledge Platform. For those who don't know yet, that Platform also has an interesting Portal that includes a page on gender

11 months 1 week ago

Adria NYIRANSENGIYUMVA i am interested in gender in value chains and i want to know more about it.

11 months 4 hours ago

Nicole Metz Hi Adria, good to hear you are interested. Please visit the pages with the work of our network on Gender in Value Chains, to start with! If you have particular ideas or questions, feel free to post them!

10 months 4 weeks ago