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Posted 21 November 2017 at 08:22

Essence of a Network: Lessons from Kenya AgriProFocus Network Day 2017

"Your network determines your net worth". This statement should be the guiding mantra for agriculture enthusiasts who seek to ensure Zero hunger Sustainable Development Goal is achieved. If we are to achieve food security in Africa it then behooves us to employ every tactic and techniques to make sure better knowledge and skills reach those who matter – small scale farmers!

During the AgriProFocus Network day held in Safari Park on the 15th of November, several things stood out for me and this I think if diffused to the lowest ranks we would experience exponential growth in agricultural sector in the world. Below are some of the issues:

Contagious Passion

Given the role I was playing I had an opportunity to interact with majority of delegates. What was clear from my interaction is the passion with which people shared what they are doing in their small ways to improve both their lives and that of their clients was invigorating. Their passion would be easily noticed, and to me this was the best environment for learning and I believe many did learn a great deal. However, for new technologies, knowledge and skills to be effectively transmitted to those who matter such events have to be taken to the door steps of small scale farmer. As a son of a peasant I know this would be well received by farmers on the ground.

Market linking solutions

In one of the session, one peculiar incident happened, a delegate who had been producing surplus of biogas by products but without market got connected to a buyer by one of the panelist. To me that was mind boggling!. This evidently explains the importance of such events. it is true that when you attend such events with expectant heart and open mind with a view of sharing whatever valuable you have learnt , you will always help solving a solution.

Although, warning should be given to those who think they will come only to receive; it is said that better the giver than the receiver. This statement was meant to encourage people to learn something to share. Therefore, he who seek new knowledge they would find it and would always get to learn more for many would be attracted to them because of their knowledge. it is imperative to try and continuously  develop key skills in different areas in order to also be ready to share with others what you have this in turn would make encounters meaningful.

Government involvement

I have worked for the government of Kenya for over five years, I am convinced the government mean well for the agriculture sector. But one thing that constantly remains clear is that their would be little achievements without involvement of private sector. It is also abundantly clear that without involvement of the government efforts by private sector would bear minimal achievement. Therefore there should be a collaborative ways of doing things especially in Implementation of a number of projects. 

Frustration from some delegates because major governments departments were not represented was evident. They were genuine concerns and I think as we seek to plan future Network day events, both County and National governments should be heavily involved. For in deed strategic partnership is what would help us attain our Global Agricultural Goals 

Dorina Prech Shadrack, many thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts and reflections on the network day. Your support during this time was truly appreciated. 

11 months 3 days ago

Jemimah Nyangasi This is so insinghtful! Thank you Shadrack for sharing.It was indeed a great pleasure working with you.I look forward to further engagements.

11 months 2 days ago