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Posted 24 November 2017 at 04:39

The 3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival: ''Youth as Catalyst for Agribusiness Development in Rwanda''

AgriProFocus Rwanda in close partnership with Rural Development Initiative (RDI), USAID/PSDAG project, Rwanda Catholic Relief Service (CRS), the University of Rwanda - College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM), YEAN Rwanda, National Youth Council (NYC), FESY Rwanda and Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF), organized the 3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival on the 22nd November 2017 at UR-CAVM, Nyagatare Campus.

The objectives of this event were to:

- Create links and networking space among youth agribusiness entrepreneurs with big buyers, agribusiness industry leaders, investors, farmers’ federation and Research institutions.

- Encourage the agribusiness companies, private investors and financial institutions to invest in youth

- Share the current situation on opportunities and challenges for youth engagement in agribusiness

- Raising awareness on existing youth forums & networks in the Rwandan Agribusiness sector

- Inspire more young girls to venture into agribusiness

- Inspire the stakeholders to develop new actions to invite and/or retain Youth in Agribusiness

Under the theme ''Youth as Catalyst for Agribusiness Development in Rwanda'' the festival attracted 350 participants drawn from UR-CAVM (students & lecturers), countrywide agripreneurs' companies, agribusiness companies, financial institutions, government youth programmes and NGOs with youth programmes.

While giving his welcome speech, the head of Nyagatare campus Dr. Martin Ntawubizi who represented the principal of UR-CAVM called upon students to be more innovative and focused and not to be job seekers but job creators.

“I believe everyone here is capable of being a job creator with agricultural skills that you acquire from this institution. It’s about being determined and focused on what you want to be” Dr. Martin added.

Through a small exhibition which was attended by 34 youth agripreneurs who showcased their products & services, and through the panel sessions where the young role models pitched about their agribusinesses, the selected role models served in inspiring other youth participants who want to start agribusiness projects.

During this 3rd youth in agribusiness festival, the youth role models' pitches focused on the way young people can we make money in agribusiness. The youth role models emphasized on sharing opportunities and challenges in horticulture, processing (Bakery), Poultry & rabbit farming & Beekeeping.

Mr. Blaise NIYIBIZI, a young agripreneurs working in Musanze district, said that they had a platform where they had a chance to meet different partners that are supporting youth engaged in agribusiness. “This is a great opportunity for us as we did networking with different stakeholders that are supporting youth in agribusiness; I promise to use this opportunity in improving my agribusiness projects” Mr. Blaise added.

While giving his speech, Mr. Anatole Majyambere the interim coordinator of AgriProFocus Rwanda thanked those present for the effective advocacy and networking tool which has inspired many partners including the youth in Rwanda.

The festival produced proper recommendations where youth was encouraged to focus on job creation instead of seeking for job as there are different partners organization that are supporting youth engaged in agribusiness.

After the closing session there was time for entertainment by the famous artist Edouce Softman.

The final report and event documentary video will be shared to you soon.

With photos, learn a lot from the event venue:

Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI Franklin Speaking,This  3rd Youth in Agribusiness festival was a great opportunity for us*Young Agri-entrepreneur*.Sincerely,Through different professional and mind-opening conversation that took place during the festival,For sure I have got lots of new ideas that will keep strengthening my Horticultural&gardening  business and also i have got new skills that would keep helping me to come up with new innovation in my project.For instance i was wondering how could i make my activities being expanded and known by many peoples including stakeholders like Bank,Government institution and/or other Organization that keen to help young entrepreneurs to self-develop and generate income from their Agricultural activities!! But during the festival i learnt how they are plenty of youth opportunity just waiting for us to come and explore all of them! Truly this helped me not only knowing these huge opportunities but also raising my abilities and just taught me not fearing/hesitating to approach Sponsors or other partners who might be interested in working together with me in my project. As  this year theme said"YOUTH AS CATALYST FOR AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT IN RWANDA" I promised the Participants who were in the festival that i will not stop this initiative and also i will continue to empowering other youth fellows either in agriculture sector or those one who are not yet in this sector to join it and also show them potential opportunities greatly found in this industry and more income to be generated when anyone decide to take the initiative of practicing   agriculture,Indeed i would like to thank AGRIPROFOCUS for organizing this 2017 Youth in Agribusiness Festival and also my gratitude goes to PSDAG/USAID, Catholic Relief Service (CRS) and the co-organizers including UR-CAVM, Rural Development Initiative, National Youth council (NYC),RYAF for their vibrant experience sharing and advises because they changed and build up my commitment  towards every single activity i did in my company called UMURAGE FRANCOISE FLOWER GARDEN.Thank you for organizing and inviting us to participate in this 2017 Youth in Agribusiness Festival!!

10 months 4 weeks ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thank you very much for sharing Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI! Do your best so that the lessons learnt from the youth in agribusiness festival can make an impact on your farming projects. If you want any contact of the key partners participated in the festival, don't hesitate to use the search tool on the platform or contact AgriProFocus Rwanda office in Kigali. Together we can promote youth engaged in agribusiness.

10 months 4 weeks ago

Janine Schoeman Thanks for sharing your experience Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI, it is great to hear your positive feedback. 

10 months 4 weeks ago

Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI Thank you @ Janine Schoeman Great to hear your appreciation ! For sure youth are the powerful engine that would transform the Agriculture sector when get empowered and supported by different peoples who have been successful in this industry and now are also keeping developing@transforming the agriculture from a subsistence to a modern and commercialized form.We Youth we can!! 

10 months 3 weeks ago