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Posted 15 December 2017 at 03:00

Hi everyone,

I am Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI, CEO&Co-founder of Umurage Flower Garden in Muhoza sector, located in Musanze District near the National police college at the road heading to Musanze Agro-market. I provide different horticultural services to different clients! These services include growing flowers, Raising seedlings and producing root stocks for other people who want to grow these flowers in their gardens. 

By participating in different Youth in Agribusiness Festivals that are being organized by AgriProFocus Rwanda in collaboration with Rural Development Initiative and other partners, I have got lots of experience and gained new skills that have empowered me for improving business and make it more viable and profitable as well. For instance, I was participated as an exhibitor in 2016_Youth in Agribusiness Festival  that took place at UR-CAEVM, Busogo Campus and due to professional advice from AgriProFocus staff, presenters and different leaders that came from such awakening convention and thanks to the exchange of ideas while visiting my exhibition stand, I really got a new idea about how to use the small land I have efficiently and effectively for producing flowers of good quality through making sure that all agronomic practices are well applied and regularly practiced in the proper way so that the expected yield would be met and achieved. And today I can say that it have started to work out and I hope that in the next year I will hit the peak.

In addition,  I have also got another good experience from this 2017 Youth in Agribusiness festival organized by AgriProFocus Rwanda and different partners including USAID/PSDAG and others that took place at UR-CAEVM, Nyagatare Campus themed "YOUTH AS CATALYST FOR AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT IN RWANDA". During this festival, I met with successful entrepreneurs in Agribusiness that are nowadays generating income and are creating jobs for the society through their Agricultural activities that they are doing. From this festival, I saw myself how being committed and passionate about the agriculture would change my flower production business and enables me to make  a high positive impact to the community through providing better services to my customers and creating more opportunities for other peoples like giving them job or also teach them how they can make their own profitable project.

Sincerely speaking I would like to encourage others especially youth and women to join  Agriculture and practice it perfectly in professional way because there are many opportunities of earning income that would further help them to make their dreams come true and realistic. Besides that I would like to thank AgriProFocus Rwanda and other partners for their enormous advisory support which will enhance our agribusinesses and enhanced the development of the whole community!!

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Waow!Thanks for sharing with us Blaise Pascal NIYIBIZI!Happy to see a good testimony like this!

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