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Posted 21 December 2017 at 09:02

Internships at Dutch Embassies in Uganda and Mozambique!

As part of the Talent Pool Programme AgriProFocus offers students 6-months internships at Netherlands Embassies working on Food and Nutrition Security. Find below the offer to students, the basic placement description, and the application format for the positions in Kampala and Maputo (starting April 1st).


The intern will contribute to the general implementation of the Food & Nutrition Security portfolio. The portfolio consists of 3 value chain/sector focused projects (dairy, potato, rice, seed sector (food crops and horticulture)) and several projects in support of the enabling environment (access to finance, solar energy, agro skilling of youth, policy development). Two recent projects focus on refugees and host communities in Northern Uganda, supporting them in income generation through agro skilling. The embassy follows an Aid and Trade strategy, implying a strong involvement of the business community (Dutch but also Ugandan or otherwise) in the Food Security program. A special area of attention will be the mainstreaming of farmers resilience in the existing portfolio and the slowly emerging shift from working sector wide, towards working according to business cases.

In addition a new project will be developed to support the strengthening of the Sanitation and Phytosanitary (SPS) system in Uganda. The current weakness of the system (both policy as implementation wise) hampers the production of quality food and threatens the export to the EU. This will be part of the newly to be formulated multi annual country strategy.



The main tasks of the intern will be to support the FNS cluster in:

1. writing the new Country Strategy for Mozambique

This task means analysing the Mozambican context, and more specifically the agriculture sector in Mozambique, in order to generate clear insights about how we can increase our impact on Food and Nutrition Security in the country. Key elements in the new strategy for FNS will be:

A decentralized/regional approach

Building climate resilience

A stronger focus on nutrition

2. further developing EKN’s support to the province of Cabo Delgado

Within the framework of the Support Facility on Food and Nutrition Security, a mission has been launched to explore whether the NL could play a role in promoting integrated regional development in Cabo Delgado. The report of this mission is expected in February 2018. The report will include recommendations for concrete next steps towards possible interventions by EKN. The young expert will assist the policy officers for FNS in the implementation of these recommendations.

Furthermore, the intern will also be responsible for internal and external communication about activities and progress within the FNS sector. He or she will be actively involved in the running projects and programmes of the embassy.


If you are interested in one of these internships, please check attached procedures and apply before January 15! For questions you can contact Roel Snelder: