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Posted 9 February 2018 at 12:00

Investing in Girls & Women: a good business

Report by Plan Nederland and Accenture

Three years ago, Plan Nederland organised the conference Investing in Girls: good for business! At that meeting, eight internationally operating Dutch companies expressed their commitment to step up their investments in vocational training and the creation of more and better jobs for girls and young women. Simply because it is the morally right and economically smart thing to do.Despite a strong business case and clear international frameworks, far too many companies continue to shy away from fully integrating gender equality and women’s empowerment principles into their business strategies and practice. Even those companies that fully embrace these goals find it difficult to effectively prevent and address gender-related rights violations.

For this reason Plan has produced a very interesting report providing practical guidance to companies on how to promote the rights of girls and young women throughout their entire supply chain. It is built upon previous work being done by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) with support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in particular around the inclusion of gender issues in supplier codes of conduct. Some of the good practices, as well as challenges experienced by Dutch companies in putting gender equality commitments into practice, are shown in the report as well. These findings were collected through a survey among Dutch companies and through additional interviews with several companies and other stakeholders. I would like to express my gratitude to these respondents and interviewees for their willingness to contribute 

Download the report here

This is a publication of Plan Nederland & Accenture BV, Authors: Machteld Ooijens, Partnering for Social Impact and Plan Nederland

Maula Paramitha Wulandaru Thanks Angelica, an important report to read!

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Geofrey Ochan these a very great idea hope for the best in your implementation

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