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Posted 28 March 2018 at 12:47

SEADS joins in strengthening gender equality

The Government of Rwanda has made great progress in promoting gender equality, improving women’s access to resources, participation in economic activities and in decision making. SEAD proudly continues this good work and has given gender-inclusiveness an important role within the project.

From February 13 to 15, SEAD organised a workshop which aimed to increase knowledge on gender and gender-inclusiveness. The workshop was attended by student representatives from beneficiary educational institutions, whose purpose was to disseminate the lessons that they had learned from the workshop at their own institutions. The training took place at Hilltop Hotel, Kigali, and was facilitated by FATE Consulting Ltd. FATE is a gender equality-focused consultancy firm based in Rwanda.

Isimbi Roberte, a gender expert and FATE Managing Director, discussed several topics with the participants, like sexual harassment and unwanted pregnancies. ”Unwanted pregnancies are ones of dreadful problems girls in educational institutions face” she said.

Oftentimes, students who get pregnant are (directly or indirectly) forced to quit their studies. They have to stay at home until they have given birth, but even after that, a large part of them won’t return to their studies. They are hindered by financial troubles, just like many othe young mothers. Another issue addressed was sexual harassment and sexism against female agriculture and TVET students. Cyuzuzo, a student from University of Rwanda CAVM, urged for this to stop.

According to Denyse from IPRC East, the workshop was a success. One of its outcomes are the Action Plans, which student representatives have put together to improve gender-equality and inclusiveness within their institutions. The Action Plans have been submitted to FATE, for fine-tuning and ensuring gender-sensitivity.

The student representatives pledged to train their fellow students on the lessons that they had learned, so that they together could overcome challenges caused by i.e. unwanted pregnancies, sexual harassment and sexism. SEAD looks forward to further collaboration with FATE, and implementing the lessons of this gender workshop.