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Posted 30 May 2018 at 11:37

Supporting Bengali women to become successful food entrepreneurs

SaFal is Solidaridad’s food security programme in the southwest of Bangladesh, implemented together with local partners and the Dutch Embassy. So far, the partners have supported 57,000 families (women and men) to become successful entrepreneurs in dairy, vegetables or aqua fisheries. Altogether, 1,500 producer groups now deliver their products to 20 local companies.

‘We pay special attention to creating togetherness’, says Emma Feenstra from Solidaridad. ‘We empower women and bring men on board.’ Women have benefitted from equity interventions such as financial literacy training, and training to improve family health. Men and women have benefitted from mixed leadership training courses that increased their skills as entrepreneurs. In one of the ‘life stories’ collected by field staff, Jolly Mondol from a village called Jessore explains what such training courses mean for her community: ‘My mother and grandmother were confined to the household. With increasing awareness and the spread of literacy, women can take part in business and employment.’

Projects that make a difference

AgriProFocus members support entrepreneurial women in a male-dominated business, strengthen sectors that are dominated by women, or support female farmers while bringing their husbands on board. Six projects were published that illustrate what these different approaches can mean for women and the value chain. The projects and other interesting articles are published in the Gender Magazine 'Making Gender Work: Cultivating Diversity'