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Posted 9 July 2018 at 08:52

AgriProFocus and PUM strengthen collaboration on supporting agripreneurs

Small and medium scale agrifood enterprises play a key role in transforming food systems and delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG2 to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. The AgriProFocus network and PUM Netherlands senior experts signed an agreement on July 4 to strengthen their collaboration and deepen the synergy between their programmatic activities.

Achieving the SDGs means going beyond business as usual. Sustainable development requires a range of new partnerships, knowledge exchange and new ways of working together. A key element in the Dutch government’s aid, trade, investment and food security policy is the focus on farmers and their small and medium scale enterprises (SME) in LMIC. Promoting SME’s at a national level has proven to be an effective and sustainable solution for creating more inclusive growth. The collaboration between AgriProFocus and PUM will ensure further synergy between activities of Dutch organisations on supporting agrifood SMEs.

Andy Wehkamp, Director Advisory Services of PUM: 'The Netherlands is internationally recognized as an expert and innovative partner for agricultural development and food security. The collaboration between PUM and the AgriProFocus network will further strengthen support systems for small and medium sized farmer-entrepreneurs. Key to these systems are partnerships between farmer-entrepreneurs through producer organizations, and partnerships between farmer-entrepreneurs and other agribusiness in the value chain. AgriProFocus supports these partnerships by creating a culture of cooperation and by facilitating learning and exchange of knowledge and resources between the different stakeholders in the agri-food system, where PUM experts provide professional assistance from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs in developing countries.'

Sander Mager, Managing Director of AgriProFocus: ‘We trust that signing this MoU will open new opportunities and drive positive change in supporting SMEs in transforming food systems to contribute to SDG2. AgriProFocus and PUM both see agrifood SMEs as the backbone of sustainable economic development and as a catalyst of innovation, job creation and growth. Beyond generating economic benefits, SMEs are equally important for providing solutions to social and development problems, such as poverty, food insecurity, gender and social disempowerment, and for promoting the growth of a green economy. Our collaboration with PUM will lead to more collective impact on this important issues.'

AgriProFocus is an international network with Dutch roots that endorses and applies the success of the Growth Diamond concept: strong linkages and cooperation between diverse stakeholders from the private sector, civil society organisations, financial sector, government and knowledge institutes. AgriProFocus has 32 member organisations in the Netherlands, is active in 13 countries in Africa and Asia and has over 25,000 individual agri-professionals registered on its agribusiness online platform. The objective of AgriProFocus is to create a vibrant agripreneurs sector and contribute to food security. 

PUM is the largest private-to-private, volunteer development agency of the Netherlands providing professional assistance from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging markets. PUM specialises in recognising and developing entrepreneurship, and focusses on long-term development trajectories. PUM's work is firmly grounded in two unique selling points: professional, hands-on advice for entrepreneurs through their pool of almost 2,000 experienced and independent experts, and affordable advice for entrepreneurs through our commitment to volunteering. PUM is a member of the AgriProFocus Network.