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“Partnership for Food/Nutrition Training and Sustainable Development” hosted by Academic Center of Excellence for Human Nutrition, Hawassa University.

16-18 August 2018

Haile Resort, Hawassa, Ethiopia

The objectives of this conference: -

- To create forum for networking opportunities

- To prioritize areas of partnership

- To share experiences and success stories

- To acknowledge organizations that support Hawassa University

- To get feedback about Hawassa University graduates and labor market

- To experience hosting international forums

Academic Center of Excellence for Human Nutrition (ACEN) was launched in 2015 at School of Nutrition, Food Science and Technology, Hawassa University. Its major successes to date: -

- Produced manpower in the field of Human Nutrition, Food Science and Technology

- Hosted two National Nutrition Conferences

- Laid a foundation for Human Nutrition program in other sister universities in Ethiopia

- Made a successful collaboration within and out of Ethiopia in capacity building conducted different food and Nutrition research and community service activities.

As an adjunct event of the conference, AgriProFocus Ethiopia and Ethiopia Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) organized a special Agro-Industry & Nutrition Business Drinks Event at Haile resort, Hawassa.

Over the course of the conference, several research posters were presented, several project and association experience, and academic curriculum and competency issues were. Mr. Fikadu Reta, primary conference organizer from Hawassa University explained that, "Nutrition is a multidimensional problem that requires collaborative, and multidimensional solutions. Nutrition is about health, it is about environment, it is about gender, it is about water, and much more; it’s foundation is in agriculture.”

At the end of the conference, commitments for future collaborations were made. Regarding youth engagement in agribusiness, AgriProFocus, BeNU Manufacturing linking with Blue Moon, and GAIN were listed as responsible for future collaboration with Hawassa University.

AgriProFocus encouraged the University conference organizers to include agro-industry visits in the conference program, and this was executed with much success. As explained by Fikadu of the Hawassa University Nutrition Center of Excellence – “it can be difficult to get the private sector actors to come to our conferences because of the fast-pace of their business, so we have to go to them to understand their work and challenges and needs, and to build meaningful connections with them”. Jessica from Kansas State University reminded the food science and nutrition students that, “what you learn in the class is very important, but what you learn in the field [about application of theory in the real world] is the most important of all!” Click these links to learn more about practical visits to meat industry and the beverage industry organized as part of this conference. 

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