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Posted 27 August 2018 at 08:47

Speech by Regional Director of ICCO-ROWA

After her traditional words of welcome, Mrs. Leena LINDQVIST hailed the massive presence of women and the level of general mobilization of rural actors, all of which seem to reflect the challenges of financing agriculture.

She also suggested that the agricultural sector is one of ICCO's priorities for action and that the financing constraints of Agriculture in Mali, amply justify the holding of the Agricultural Finance Fair. For Ms. LINDQVIST, this show is a niche that will certainly provide solutions to the problem of financing agriculture.

She also invited the two negotiating parties (project sponsors and financing institutions) to have more flexibility and concessions in order to guarantee the success of the Fair.

Finally, she welcomed the partners and sponsors of FINAGRI for their vision


BtoB sessions or "face-to-face" and restricted meetings between bearers of initiatives and donors (banks and other financial institutions) held from 21 to 23 June at the Cinquantenaires hotel as part of the fifth edition of the Agricultural Finance Fair, aimed to:

- Create a favorable framework so that Agripreneurs carrying bankable projects can directly engage directly with donors likely to finance such projects,

- Give donors the opportunity to increase their agricultural portfolio through the financing of bankable projects,

- Contribute to reducing the gap between producers and donors.

Specifically, it was:

- Accompany Farmers, project leaders, to enable them to submit acceptable projects by donors;

- Create a favorable environment for the project leader to defend his project in the presence of one or more potential donors;

- Create a framework that allows different donors to find credible applications that can contribute to the development of their Agriculture portfolio.

Previously received project files were analyzed according to pre-determined criteria, the most important of which were the amount requested, the nature of the project and the developer's experience or the project's lifetime and the project's project area