Youth, Employment and Migration understanding the relations

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  11 September 2018, 16:00-18:00

Youth, Employment and Migration

Understanding the relations between jobs, skilled youth and migration  

On September 11, the AgriProFocus network, in close collaboration with the F&BKP, facilitates the fourth Community of Practice (CoP) around Youth in Agribusiness and food systems, entitled “Youth, Employment and Migration – Understanding the relations between jobs, skilled youth and migration”. The aim is to exchange knowledge, share experiences and jointly contribute to innovative solutions for young people to become successful in agrifood sectors and to have their voices heard among decision makers.

Mitigating the root causes of migration dominates todays Dutch development policy. The assumption is that job creation and education in low income countries will prevent youth from moving to Europe. The tendency to frame development policies with the objective to ‘stop migration’ is international. The European Union released numerous calls for proposals which aim to reduce migration by supporting local development.

Is there proof to support this assumption? Is there evidence that migration is hampered through job creation and improved access to education? Some sources even indicate the opposite!

In this 4th Community of Practice meet-up, Edukans and SNV would like to discuss the complex ‘roots of migration’, the heated debates and the the complex dilemma the development sector finds itself in.

How can we contribute to creating a better understanding of the eclectic relation between job creation, better skilled and qualified youth and the root causes of migration? How can we make the political debate better informed? How can we influence decision makers, donor organisations and politicians in their thinking about the relations between job creation, skilled youth and the root causes of migration – can we?

Per organisation one person is welcome to join the CoP on September 11th from 16h to 18h at the AgriProFocus Office in Utrecht. If you like to register, please contact Rolf Schinkel ( for more information before September 6.

lucianah akhaenda Youths move to cities in various countries hoping to get employment and have a good life. They leave behind land which is an important asset in production lying idle instead of taking Agribusiness and Horticulture as their main 'job' and share experiences and skills to better their businesses hence enough food product for the community, country, Africa and the whole world.Youths flood cities where by they don't get employed, they get involved in crime in order to earn a living and also lead to escalation of slums in towns where they live suffering. Youths, think and go Agribusiness for a better future. #Improving the food sector.

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