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Posted 24 September 2018 at 11:31

What happened during the 5th Business Drinks of 2018?

On this last Thursday’s event around 50 members of AgriProFocus Ethiopia as well as people from partner organizations were present. As always it was interesting to see new faces and to hear pitches about new ideas and innovations. We tried to summarize the pitches in the following manner, so that they could reach those who missed the event.

Ms. Victoria Endeshaw from OCP, a multi-dimensional company which has around 12 offices in different countries working in agribusiness competition for starters in order to support and strengthen agribusinesses. OCP promotes its agribusiness competition with around 200 company in Morocco. Please find more info about this competition here.

Mr. Cor Jan Zee is a senior consultant at Meset Consult Plc, a company involved in supporting the agricultural sector such as livestock production, crop production and dietary service for long and short time in way to work in the achievement of the sector.

Mr. Getaneh Shamble from Kidame Gebiya, an e-commerce platform focused on connect small-scale farmers (and Unions) to retailers and retailers to consumers in order to increase the active participation of all value chain actors in the market and ensure that small-scale producers get the benefit they deserve.

Mr. Szelinger Balazs, the economic and trade attaché of the Hungary Embassy in Ethiopia, explained that the Hungary Embassy works on ICT in agriculture and other sectors. On October 18-20, the Hungary Embassy co-organizes the ETO-PEX annual conference in millennium hall which all of you can enjoy.

Mr. Eskender Mulugeta obtained a grant for his school gardening project in order to teach students about agriculture in a practical way. In addition, school gardening plays a great role in increasing household food and nutrition security. Mr. Eskender also assisted ECDD training organizations in including people with disabilities in agriculture.

Mr. Sisaye Mammo from ECDD works as SPCC project coordinator and agri-expert. His mission is to involve people with disabilities in agricultural practice to make them productive, active citizens and increase their capital.

Ms. Afomya Deksyos from Need Plc, a social enterprise that gives nutritional service in Ethiopia and diet suggestion for the community in order to be healthy, productive and strong in our day to day activities. 

AgriProFocus Ethiopia and Ethiopia Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) have been organizing these bi-monthly Business Drinks since 2015. Since then, the events have created an opportunity to members and partners of the organizers to come together to promote themselves, to connect and share experiences. Agribusinesses, agricultural development agents, government actors, research institutes and other relevant agricultural actors are continually represented in these events.

Getaneh Shambel It was really a wonderful opportunity and great pleasure to present how could contribute to support smallholder farmers and unions in Ethiopia. Thank you team Agriprofocus for the facilitation.

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