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Posted 2 October 2018 at 05:53

Interested in smarter and precise agriculture?

We have a system that we have trained to be a plant doctor capable of allowing the farmer to qualitatively know which specific mineral nutrient is missing, which disease is afflicting his crop and it can also be used to detect soil pH. Whether acidic or not.

We want to put the system online but it requires our own and personal server, a thing we are working on. So if we got the kind of server we intend to get, thousands if not millions of farmers will benefit from our system, especially the inexperienced farmers. Imagine knowing what kind of disease is afflicting say your tomatoes and getting suggestions on the best solutions there are!

You won't need an app installation. You chrome or firefox or whatever browser will do just fine. It will be able to carry out diagnosis on both saved pictures and those taken by the camera for those with smart phones.

Consequently, the system will be able to map the mineral nutrient distribution in your garden. Such challenges as varied crop yields from patch to patch in your garden will be diagnosed and solved.

This is big and any funding opportunities are welcome.

Read about an excerpt of what we're building right here

We had hoped that a remote server hosting our site (above) would momentarily suffice but were wrong. We have however built a local network from which we can demonstrate the magic.

We are looking for just about $1500 to purchase the server from amazon and we will be good to go.

Below is one of the images provided for by a small holder farmer in Tororo. This fruit spot disease threatened his entire garden of tomatoes. Through our interventions he was able to combat not only the bacterial infection but also the septoria infestation by specifically targeting the infestation with the most effective combination of fungicides.

We want this capability accessible to all African small holder farmers. We need your help.