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Posted 12 October 2018 at 01:15

A Debriefing Dinner with sponsors and partners who contributed in organizing an Agrifinance Fair and Market linkage Event!

Following the 10th Agrifinance Fair and Market linkage Event held in Kayonza district from 30th to 31st, August 2018, AgriProFocus Rwanda organized a debriefing Dinner with sponsors and partners who played an important role to make Agrifinance Fair Happen. This took place at Marasa Umubano Hotel, Kigali Rwanda. The main objective of this debriefing dinner was to share the results, validate report and recognize the partners.

During this Agri-Finance Fair Debriefing Dinner, 20 participants from different development organizations and agribusiness companies were presented and shared their feedback regarding what we can improve as far as the next Agri-Finance fair and market linkage event is concerned. The participants thanked AgriProFocus Rwanda for the effort put in organizing the fair that linked farmers and agribusiness companies to financial institution, Agribusiness informations and market.

Participants requested AgriProFocus Rwanda to give them enough time for their preparation each time a fair is organized so they inform their beneficiaries (Farmers) early enough for them not to miss the opportunity for participation, They also suggested that the fair must take at least 3 to 4 days in a week instead of 2 days.

AgriProFocus Rwanda acknowledged all the sponsors and partners for their contributions to support the 10th Agri-Finance fair and Market linkages event. Mrs. Sajji RYAKUNZE, the country coordinator recognized all the participants for their contribution and said “ We have heard your suggestions that will make the next agrifinance fair better and next time we promise to plan accordingly”

Again, a big thank to the stakeholders especially the farmers who participated in the 10th AgriFinance Fair and Market linkage event. Together we can go far and Making agribusiness work for development.

See the atmosphere at the debriefing in pictures:[0]=68.ARAGTW42iO8jBtEnIddo7Y--bfof43jD3HHBAJsb11jZKAgbdmv-QuHIHjMPsRAMbSqdT5rxRqKyxAw9-l1XJouFTDaWulE-zenAljty0cQKGjr4ytgqDGmORs9yiqKx93dUriO3tkDk1KV1xTqoklZBHgpZtXzUGOkgiYJFgMzXcl8bkbs7&__tn__=*NK-R