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Posted 15 November 2018 at 07:56

AIA: Making agriculture ‘sexy’ will end the African youth unemployment crisis

Agriculture is perceived as socially non-prestigious by most unemployed youths who are surrounded by agricultural opportunities but they refuse to see them

Agricultural activities seem uncomfortable and unsafe for the youth fuelling the unemployment crisis in Africa.

People dedicated to agriculture are perceived to go through a lot of things, ranging from stress associated with work to unproductivity due to infestations.

Youths usually want to look their best and have a comfortable work condition, and because starting to farm involves digging, tilling lands, watering, removing weeds, burning, and maybe encountering snakes, scorpions, and other earth creatures, they would rather remain at home than to join the farming train.

In education, the evolved African educational curricula fail to include material agriculture. Some schools teach agriculture but mostly the soft aspect of it, with few or no practical sessions.

This generally affects the interest build-up of youths towards agriculture

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Humphrey Mutaasa hahahaha Now my word "sexy Agric" has caught fire.... I totally Agree

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