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Posted 26 November 2018 at 10:44

Training of Young Farmers Supports Efforts to Encourage Farmer Regeneration

Jakarta, 26 November 2018 - The Young Farmers Ambassador Program has promoted the agricultural sector by inspiring young people to become farmers and contribute to the development of their respective regions through collaboration with farmer groups, youth organizations and the business sector. Young farmers have become a reference for agricultural technical assistance, encouraging findings in food agriculture and expanding other networks of young people to start businesses by becoming peer mentors.

An important part in the Young Farmers Ambassador program is the intensive six-day training to increase knowledge capacity about business, adding insight into the trends and challenges of the food & agriculture sector, introducing gender aspects, environmental and social impacts of agricultural value chains, and developing leadership characteristics for young farmers. The training is designed with an adult-education approach that combines theory in class and practice. The training curriculum is designed to increase self-confidence and leadership quality, and connects young farmers with a network supporting food production.

In the third edition, the Young Farmers Ambassadors Program was supported by the Ministry of Rural Development and Transmigration (Kemendesa PDTT) of the Directorate General of Disadvantaged Areas Development (DG PDT). DG PDT facilitates the implementation of innovative business training and leadership for ten Young Farmer Ambassadors at the Community Training Center for Development, Jakarta. Out of ten participants, five young farmers own businesses in disadvantaged areas. It is hoped that upon their return from training they will be able to become agents of change in the driving force of the village economy with innovation in the agriculture and food-based business sectors.

Director General of PDT, Samsul Widodo views agriculture as the future of Indonesia. On every occasion, Samsul Widodo always said that, "Indonesia is a large country with abundant agricultural potential. At present there are 82.77% of the villagers who depend on their sources of income from the agricultural sector. Innovation is needed through the use of technology to increase Indonesia's agricultural productivity. Of course the ultimate goal is to improve the welfare of the community". Samsul Widodo further explained, "Talking about innovation and the use of technology is closely related to youth as the subject and object of the recipient of change. Therefore, through this activity we seek to build awareness of young people to get involved in agriculture. We have to build branding that being a farmer is cool and current. "

"This innovative business training and young farmer leadership provides space for selected young farmers to strengthen their ability to do business, sharpen the character of leadership, and connect with fellow young farmers from various regions in Indonesia," said Dedi Triadi, Country Network Coordinator, AgriProFocus Indonesia.

Furthermore, M. Maulana from Workout.ID added, "The potential of young farmers to be more developed is very large. This training is a space for them to sharpen sustainable business instincts, open networks, and accelerate adaptation in utilizing technological developments for businesses in the agricultural and food sectors. "

"This training connects young farmers with various actors and professionals in the agricultural sector, thus accelerating the learning process and strengthening business development. They were prepared to be role models by exposing and exhibiting young farmer agribusinesses to the media, the wider public, and policy makers. Thus these young farmers will have broader support", Said Abdullah, Coordinator of People's Sovereignty for Food Justice.

"Training is an important stage in preparing young farmers who understand the challenges and opportunities of the agricultural sector in the future, so that they can adapt, expand influence and spearhead the push for farmer regeneration in Indonesia and village economic growth," said Torry Kuswardono, Director of Pikul Association , member of the consortium of organizers of the Young Farmers Ambassador based in Kupang, NTT.