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DAY 1-2018 Youth Caravan to provide agricultural guidance and linkages to market

Kigali – November 27, 2018: In collaboration with our partners Rwanda Youth In Agribusiness Forum (RYAF), the ministry of agriculture and animal resources MINAGRI, HortINVEST, Help a Child Rwanda, ICCO Cooperation, USAID Feed the Future Hinga Weze, Rural Development Initiative and YEAN Rwanda we have launched today the agricultural caravan of the first ever “Youth in Agribusiness Caravan” in Rwanda.

Theme of this edition is “Youth Making Agribusiness “Cool”, a basis of Sustainable Economic Development”. Our goal is to establish and build the communication between agricultural agribusinesses and the youth in general and the agripreneurs in particular to closely learn about the untapped opportunities existing in the agriculture landscape in Rwanda.

Launch in Kigali

“The caravan aims at establishing linkages between successful farmers and agribusiness people and the youth innovators motivated about agribusiness”, said Sajji RYAKUNZE, AgriProFocus Rwanda Country coordinator, during the launch of the event in Kigali early today.

Speaking at the same event in Kigali, the director general of planning in the ministry of agriculture and animal resources, Mr Semwaga Octave reminded the youth that many farmers in the country are of a certain age and did not have the opportunity to get advanced education, which challenges them from learning new technologies and applying research discoveries which are availed in foreign languages and exhorted them to make good use of the caravan, creating networking and mentoring opportunities.

“Accessing quality inputs and new market abroad currently requires to navigate through new skills and social media platforms which is not in reach for our usual farmers. At some extent, they’re even more challenges when it comes at writing good business proposals. That’s one of the many reasons why the government is encouraging you to join the sector and join hands with those with capital and land,” Mr Semwaga added.

Youth: open your mind!

Several partners and experts at the launch program encouraged the youth to opening up their minds to the new ways of networking, seeking proper information and engaging business and financing institutions in order to secure investment capital.

The panelists did also educate the young agriculturists regarding modern farming and propagation techniques, credit policies, agricultural trainings and crop insurances among others.

The country manager of ICCO cooperation, Ms Bernard Netlyn invited the youth to learn from the information caravan and apply the modern farming techniques they’ll acquire to boost crop production and expand their businesses.

What's next?

On the sidelines of the caravan activities, an agricultural exhibition will be staged in the heart of Kigali, where specialized small and medium enterprises related to the agricultural sector will present products, technologies and innovations they have for the local market.

The route of the two-day caravan includes Kigali-Musanze, Kigali-Bugesera and a gathering in Kigali where a corner for success stories in agricultural projects will be held on the last day.

Anne Marie Kortleve Really cool to read this summary of day 1, looking forward to hear more of day 2 and 3! Keep us updated :)

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Egide SINAYOBYE Hello everyone, am Egide SINAYOBYE,  upcoming students in university of rwanda focusing on the development of rural areas. i would like to ask for an advise if there is any support or i can call it partnership just cause i need to do research on livelihood of people areas especially in rusizi district in the domain of agriculture sector. ThanksContact: +250788592126Email:  

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Bosco KWIZERA Thank you Egide, I will call you for any possible advise!

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