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Posted 30 November 2018 at 01:08

Covenant Plant-Based Proteins 

Globally boosting sustainable production & consumption of plant protein

The production of high-quality plant proteins has overall much less impact on natural resources and the environment than production of animal proteins and contributes to public health. The urgency to act now is more relevant than ever. The ultimate challenge is to make sustainably produced high-quality plantbased proteins more readily available and more attractive for human consumption worldwide. We are inviting partners who want to work on these solutions in a coalition of experts, solution providers, supporters and market players.

How the covenant signatories want to address this issue:

- By fostering collaboration with national & global initiatives and actors which have similar ambitions

- By setting up and supporting projects & activities with (new) partners and doing it ‘first time right’

- By promoting a favourable international policy climate

- By strengthening local sustainable production & consumption

The coalition was set up in 2016 to address and facilitate this challenge and a Covenant Plant Based Proteins was signed in March 2017. All coalition partners are committed and contributing to the challenge by capacity building activities or initiating & strengthening scalable projects, in different countries around the world.

Recently an informative twopage summary was circulated: download it here

Further reading:

If you have an interest to start engaging with the members of the covenant, please contact the AgriProFocus team in your country. AgriProFocus is a close partner of the MVO-Nederland network (network for Corporate Social Responsibility in Netherlands).

Helene Ndindabo Tuyisenge Yes,I am firstly greeting to everyone.I believe that,night yield crop production will will make also the contribution of conserving our environment. Environment must be taken into account to reduce the impact of climate change.I also make my request ,university students need to be recognized in this program. We really want to be trained how Agri Pro Focus works.Especially to those who study rural development.I end by saying that projects to be sustainable, there must be an inclusiveness of rural interventions to reduce rural poverty. Thank you

2 weeks 2 days ago

ABDOUL RAZAK ISSAKA thank you for this informative post, it is important for developing countries like Niger to focus on more sustainable alternatives to fight against malnutrition, we must know how to diversify food and vegetable proteins are solutions. with us, we have legumes very rich in these proteins are very unfortunately put in the background.

2 weeks 1 day ago

Richard James Onyai I'm very interested in this program and would like to link up with the Uganda focal point. 

1 week 1 day ago

Nicole Metz Dear all, thank you for your interest in this post. We at AgriProFocus office in Netherlands are actively engaged in network activities and learning around the challenge of making agribusiness work in such a way that it enhances climate resilience. This domain of exploring the potential of increased use of plant-based proteins is part of that agenda. Our team will contact MVO-Nederland to check how we can collaborate further on this, and will keep you informed.    and for further reading, check this paper:

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