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Posted 4 December 2018 at 02:45

Youth participate in the 2018 Arboneth Conference, Addis Ababa

Arboneth (an abbreviation of Arboretum-Network-Ethiopia) is a network of forestry sector experts and practitioners, hailing mainly from Ethiopian and German universities, but also including other concerned stakeholders such as the development wing of the Orthodox Church and Bread for the World working to strengthen church forests in Ethiopia, forestry sector projects such as GIZ’s Biodiversity and Forestry Program, ILRI, UNESCO the Succo Foundation and Unique-Nabu working on biospehere reserve development, and others, including Agriprofocus which helped to bring in the perspectives on youth engagement in the forestry sector.

At the present time, there is lots of conflict (e.g. in Western Ethiopia in the Guji and Gedo area), and in the urgent interest of peace, there is current talk in the Commission of Environment and Forest about distributing forest land to demonstrating youth. There is a very important question on the table regarding how to balance people’s rights to benefit from the natural resources in the area, with the responsibility to maintain our natural capital for all the collective ecosystem services they provide for present and future generations.

AgriProFocus brought young members to participate in a panel discussion on the issue of youth and the forestry sector: Eskadmas representing Youth Netowkr for Sustainable Development, Takele seedling producer from Holeta, and Sarah Assefa Country Netowokr Facilitator of AgriProFocus. Also on the Pannel were Redait formerly of EthioJobs, Dr. Habtemariam of ILRI, and Dr. Peter of Arboneth/University of Hamburg.

After the panel on youth in the forestry sector, Dr. Michael Succo, founder of biosphere reserves all over the world, shared from his 80 years of forest conservation experience, culminating in energizing and encouraging intergenerational exchange. Dr. Succo called for women to be at the forefront of the next chapter of forest conservation, as men unfortunately have not done such a good job.

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