mini rice mill machine,small capacity rice milling machine for home use

The most important thing is that this rice mill machine is convenient for customers to use at home, with the automatic shelling function, it can meet all the needs of customers in home using.Just connect it to the power and press the button it will work. So you can see how it is easy to operate it. Besides, this machine is really multi-functional.

You can use it to get brown rice and white rice. So this mini rice mill is very popular now, especially in countries like USA, Canada, Thailand,

  This mini rice mill machine can make the paddy to white rice directly. And make the bran, rice, broken rice separate. This machine is with easy operation and high efficiency. It is with 2.2kw electric engine and 220v voltage. The productivity can over 180kg/h.

features of mini rice mill machine   

1.Complete rice milling machine 6N40-9FQ20 is combined with rice mill machine and grain crusher machine.

2.Two function: Rice milling and Grain grinding, such as rice bran, cassava, corn, sorghum, bean and feedstuff.

3.Adopts the patent collection bran products, the fine bran and fine powder does not contain refined rice.

4.Can mill rough rice directly into polished rice, separate polished rice, broken rice, rough rice bran and polished rice bran.

5.Different Screen mesh, Different Sorts Of Powder.

6.The mill without knife can collect the chaff products, favorable for refining rice and eliminating the appearance of tiny bran and powder.

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Bariki Mwasaga how can some get this machine? how much does it cost?

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