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Posted 10 January 2019 at 03:28

Harvest Money Expo Kampala 2019

As a spin off to the Best Farmer Award, New Vision Media Group organizes the Harvest Money Expo annually. The expo has attracted 20.000 individual visitors per year in the first 2 years and provides good opportunities for the Dutch agribusiness sector. In 2019 the expo will take place from February 14-17. Like every year, there is opportunity for Dutch companies active in Poultry, Horticulture, Dairy, and Agrimachinery to join the Trade Mission and increase business links and trade opportunities with the Ugandan sector.

Uganda’s best farmers put spotlight on NL Agribusiness

The fifth edition of the Best Farmer Competition finished on December 7th with the announcement of this year’s winners. The competition is a cooperation between the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Kampala, KLM, DFCUbank/Rabobank, Koudijs and media house The Vision Group. The popularity of the contest puts the Netherlands in the spotlight in Uganda, which gives Netherlands the reputation of the example for agricultural development and agribusiness.

The competition produces in-depth testimonies of farmers and illustrates challenges, inspiration and entrepreneurship of participants. The exposure of these stories is huge through the widely followed TV-show, radio-show and newspaper updates. The 10 best farmers from 10 agricultural regions plus 3 special category winners, are offered a trip to the Netherlands, where they participate in an agricultural tour. This mission facilitates knowledge exchange, initiates business deals, consolidates already existing Uganda-Dutch partnerships and offers market opportunities to both Dutch suppliers and Ugandan exporters. This in turn strengthens bilateral economic cooperation between the two countries.