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Privacy Policy updated according to GDPR

We have updated our privacy policy to comply with the GDPR that has taken effect on May 25th 2018. This amended privacy policy applies automatically for all current users, people who register after 25th of May 2018 are asked to actively agree with the terms.

Creative Commons Selected License

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Everything you post on agriprofocus.com will be published under the Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA 4.0. This means that, by publishing on this platform, you allow others to share your publications for non-commercial purposes as long as they give attribution to you as the author.

Creative Commons License:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

AgriProFocus Terms and Conditions

The AgriProFocus online platform is owned and run by AgriProFocus, a network based in The Netherlands. Our registered office address is Arthur van Schendellaan 500, 3511 MH, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Chamber of Commerce: 30204842.

We will refer to these terms and conditions as the “Terms” throughout. Our Privacy Policy forms part of the Terms, so please read that too. The Terms, the Privacy Policy and any other document we refer to in these Terms make up the whole agreement between us. These Terms explain our conditions for you using the website, together with any related services we provide within the website. If you do not agree to be bound by the Terms, you must not continue to use the platform.

The aim of these terms is to guarantee that both individual and organizational members subscribe to AgriProFocus mission, values and ethical standards. The Terms are for AgriProFocus to safeguard that it maintains a membership base with pro-active, quality members.

Members of the AgriProFocus network, as individuals and on behalf of their organization or company, work towards equitable and sustainable agricultural development and subscribe to the mission of AgriProFocus, which is to bring together actors in the agricultural sector to promote a joint learning- and action agenda on agribusiness and food security.


You have to register with us and be signed in to use some features of the platform. If you are under 18, don’t register unless you have permission from your legal guardian (usually a parent) to do so. Keep your sign in details private at all times, do not share them with anybody, and let us know if you think somebody else has access to them. Do not use the 'Keep me signed in' feature to keep yourself signed in unless you are using your own personal computer. You must keep your personal information accurate and up to date, especially your email address.

What you can use the platform for

You can use the platform, and any services we provide on the website, for your own personal use, for example, uploading comments, sharing content on the website and access business contacts.

In relation to any content we provide for your use on the website, there are certain restrictions on how you can use this content for personal, non-commercial use. In using the website, you are not permitted to do the following:

  • send or otherwise post unauthorised commercial communications such as spam.

  • collect other members’ content or information, or otherwise access the website, using automated means without our express consent and any use of harvesting bots, scrapers, spiders and robots or any other analytical, information-gathering or automated tools is strictly forbidden.

  • solicit login information or access another member’s account.

  • use the website for the purpose of bullying, intimidating or harassing any other members.

  • use the website to do anything which would reasonably be considered malicious, discriminatory, misleading or unlawful.

  • do anything, or use the website in a way, which impairs the proper working of the website for other members, such as a denial of service attack.

  • publish something that you do not own the intellectual property rights to (or have permission to publish it from the intellectual property rights owner).

Monitoring content published by you

We do not monitor content published by you and take no responsibility for things that you publish. If you see something on the site that you think is offensive, illegal or which isn’t in line with these Terms, please let us know. We don’t guarantee that we will always remove it, but we will certainly look into it. We reserve the right to remove content that you create, at our discretion. 

Customer support and complaints

We will always aim to fix problems where we can. If you have a question, suggestion or complaint about the website or any of the content featured on the website please contact us (info@agriprofocus.com) first and we’ll do our best to sort it out.

When we might stop you using the website

If you breach these Terms, we reserve the right to stop you using the website and to terminate our agreement. If you use the AgriProFocus platform and/or service for non-private and/or commercial purposes, we also reserve the right to stop your access and to terminate our agreement with you.

Changes to the Terms

We might make changes to these Terms from time to time. Check back here to stay up to date. If we do make a major change to it, we’ll usually send you a service email describing the change and what it means for you.

Contact Us

We hope that’s clear. If it isn’t or you have another question that isn’t covered, please contact us (info@agriprofocus.com)


This Privacy Policy explains how we use information that we receive about you when you use the website and how we make sure it is stored and managed, safely and legally.

This Privacy Policy is part of the Terms and Conditions of using this website, so please read it carefully. We take your privacy seriously, and will store all your personal information securely in line with good professional practice and applicable data protection laws.

The laws you’re protected by

As we are a Dutch organisation, you are protected by Dutch and European data protection laws. The privacy policy has been updated to comply with the GDPR that has taken effect on May 25th 2018. 

Information we receive about you

We always aim to gather only the information that we need in order to provide you with the service you have subscribed to. When you register, we will create a basic profile page for you on the AgriProFocus Platform, containing your username, a profile picture and any contact information you choose to share. 

You can modify certain information associated with your account (such as your username, profile image, biography and location) from your account settings.

Your profile is a public profile and when you list your contact details other registered members of the platform can see these details and contact you. Your profile name and image will be shown when you post a comment or like a post/ comment and other members can tag you in posts/ events. Posts or events that you share might be shared on facebook/ twitter to give it more attention

Other information we receive about you

Whenever you visit the website, we receive information about what you do during your visit, such as when you perform searches, send messages etc. We receive this information through cookies. You can find out more about our use of cookies below. How you can manage your cookie settings can be found here. 

We also receive some information about the computer or other device you use to access our service, such as your IP address, the browser you use, your location, how big your screen is, or the pages you visit.

When you upload a photo or video, we may also receive additional information through metadata about where that photo or video was taken, such as the time, date and location.

We collect this information via Google Analytics and are compliant to the GDPR rules. Data is used anonymously and will not be shared. 

What we use this information for

We use the information we receive about you through your use of the website, and the services we provide to you on the website, for the purposes set out below:

- managing the website (including your account);

- providing advanced website features to you;

- suggesting and providing relevant content to you on the website;

- understanding your needs to help us improve the website;

- improving search results;

- understanding website usage to help us improve our marketing or the way we do business; and

- sending you emails or other communications (more details below).

You give us permission to use your information for the above purposes in relation to our current service, and also in relation to any new products and features which we may provide to you in the future as part of our service. 

Emails and notification emails

You are probably most interested in how we will use your email address to communicate with you, so here's our email promise:

We will never ever send you unsolicited emails without your permission, but there are some emails that we will send you to provide you with a good service. These include notifications that you haven't vistited the platform in a while, that you have reminders about your membership and guides on how to use the website. These emails help you to make the most of the website and let you know what you might be missing out on. 

As well as service emails, you may also receive our occasional newsletters and invitations to events/ meetings (if you have opted to receive them).  This to let you know when there is new fun and interesting stuff to do. Registration for the newsletter and registration for the platform are two seperate processes. This means that you can unsubscribe from the newsletter but still remain an active user of the platform, and the other way around. You can subscribe to mailings from the various AgriProFocus Country Networks, you will receive a confirmation email via Mailchimp to confirm you have chosen this option. 

The platform will send you notification emails when someone replies to your post for instance. What you receive notifications on (or not) can be amended in account settings in your personal profile page. 

Removing your profile

You may remove your profile from the website at any time, please contact us if you want to remove your profile (info@agriprofocus.com). Any public content you have added to the website will remain; however, your profile page will not be accessible, and other members will not be able to contact you. Any content that you chose to share publicly, understandably, may be copied or stored by other members even after your profile has been removed. 

Removing of your profile does not automatically mean you will be unsubscribed to newsletters/ mailings, you can do this via the unsubscribe button of the mailing itself. 

When your profile has been removed, we will archive and store your information for a reasonable time period for legal and administrative reasons and for the purposes of re-activating your account with us, if you wish to do so.

Contact us

We hope that’s clear. If it isn’t or you have another question that isn’t covered, please contact us: info@agriprofocus.com 

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We might make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. Check back here to stay up to date. If we make a major change to it, we’ll usually send you a service email describing the change and what it means for you.