Anne Marie Kortleve

Communications Manager AgriProFocus

Utrecht, Netherlands

About Me

Hello there! I am one of the community managers of this platform. I work as a Manager Marketing-Communications at the AgriProFocus International Secretariat in The Netherlands. My job is to make you feel at home on this platform and provide you with all the information you need. Besides managing this platform I am responsible for all internal and external communications and marketing for the AgriProFocus network.

I obtained my Master degree in Communication Sciences at Wageningen University in 2008 and worked as Marketing and Communications Officer at ICCO Cooperation from 2011 until 2014. Since February 2014, I work at AgriProFocus.

Skills and Expertise


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Posted 31 January 2018 at 12:53

Vacature (herhaalde plaatsing)

People Operations / Agile HR Coördinator (3 dagen/week)

Het AgriProFocus netwerk zit midden in een grote transitie. Het implementeren van onze nieuwe strategie ‘Making Agribusiness Work for Development’ vraagt om een flinke cultuur- en organisatieverandering, waarbij agile werken een drijvende motivatie is. Als onze People Operations Coördinator zorg jij dat onze HR die verandering mogelijk maakt, aanjaagt en ondersteunt.

Over ons AgriProFocus is een netwerkorganisatie van bedrijven, maatschappelijke organisaties, overheids- en kennisinstellingen, die een gezamenlijke ambitie hebben om via duurzaam en inclusief agri-ondernemerschap bij te dragen aan wereldwijde voedselzekerheid. AgriProFocus doet dat door samenwerking te organiseren (linking), leren binnen het netwerk te faciliteren (learning) en collectief leiderschap te katalyseren (leadership). AgriProFocus heeft naast het netwerk in Nederland ook netwerken in 13 landen in Afrika en Zuidoost-Azië. Wat

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Posted 25 January 2018 at 02:50

Pendant l´année 2017, le réseau AgriProFocus a offert dans votre pays des services et des activités de réseautage pour promouvoir et soutenir l'entrepreneuriat agricole. Vous avez peut-être participé à une ou plusieurs de nos activités en face-à-face et en ligne. Ou peut-être avez-vous été co-organisateur actif. Nous aimerions connaitre l´appréciation que vous faites de nos services de réseautage et vos suggestions d'amélioration.

De plus, notre réseau initiera en 2018 notre nouvelle stratégie, à savoir : «Mettre l'agro-industrie au service du développement». Cette stratégie met l'accent sur le lien effectif entre les opportunités d'affaires et les défis de développement. Votre opinion et vos suggestions sur la façon d'améliorer l´importance de notre réseau pour votre organisation seront extrêmement utiles pour renforcer cette stratégie.

Participer a l'enquete!

Nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous accorder 10 minutes de votre précieux temps pour remplir cette enquête en

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Zuid-Afrika meeting - Climate Smart Agriculture

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  25 January 2018, 09:30-12:00
  Unie van Waterschappen, Koningskade 40, Den Haag

Zuid-Afrika bijeenkomst 25 januari en Scoping Report Climate Smart Agriculture

Op 25 januari organiseren NWP,, Verbos Business Development en de UvW een gecombineerde bijeenkomst in het kader van het Partners voor Water programma en de Water en AgriFood Nexus in Zuid-Afrika. Tevens zal de landbouwraad, Jack Vera aanwezig zijn en zijn visie met u delen. Tijdens deze bijeenkomst kijken we terug op de activiteiten van het Zuid-Afrikaplatform in 2017 en bereiden we ons voor op de daaruit voortgekomen acties. Zo hebben het bezoek van Minister Mokonyane aan de Amsterdam International Water Week, het City of the Future evenement in Durban en de Economische Missie in Kaapstad, gezorgd voor een goede positionering van de Nederlandse water sector in Zuid-Afrika in 2017.

Registeren voor deze bijeenkomst kan tot dinsdag 23 januari via deze link. Hier vindt u ook de details over de locatie en tijd. 

In 2018 wordt in juni de WISA conferentie (water) in Kaapstad georganiseerd en in augustus staat de

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Posted 21 December 2017 at 09:02

Internships at Dutch Embassies in Uganda and Mozambique!

As part of the Talent Pool Programme AgriProFocus offers students 6-months internships at Netherlands Embassies working on Food and Nutrition Security. Find below the offer to students, the basic placement description, and the application format for the positions in Kampala and Maputo (starting April 1st).


The intern will contribute to the general implementation of the Food & Nutrition Security portfolio. The portfolio consists of 3 value chain/sector focused projects (dairy, potato, rice, seed sector (food crops and horticulture)) and several projects in support of the enabling environment (access to finance, solar energy, agro skilling of youth, policy development). Two recent projects focus on refugees and host communities in Northern Uganda, supporting them in income generation through agro skilling. The embassy follows an Aid and Trade strategy, implying a strong involvement of the business community (Dutch but also Ugand

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Posted 18 December 2017 at 02:55

Young Expert Business Development - East Africa 

Through the Young Expert Programme (YEP). This position is only open for Dutch Young Experts, local Young Experts are selected through the selection process of the specific companies. 


AgriProFocus is an international multi-stakeholder network consisting of farmer organisations, private sector enterprises, government, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations, working together to create collective impact and transform agri-food systems. All members actively work with and for farmer entrepreneurs, who are change makers in agricultural transformation. The AgriProFocus network has strong Dutch roots and is active in 13 countries in Africa and South-East Asia, linking 22.000 agribusiness professionals worldwide.The AgriProFocus network members collaborate to strengthen the position of farmers and other agri-entrepreneurs in agricultural value chains. Entrepreneurs, small and medium scale, who are market-oriented, bu

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Posted 23 November 2017 at 04:23

Implementing large scale inclusive agribusiness programs

Sound solutions for critical challenges

On request of network members, AgriProFocus organised a small-scale expert meeting  on November 8th at RVO. The meet-up focussed on mutual learning and jointly looking for solutions for critical issues and challenges from practice that network members experience with the implementation of large-scale, inclusive agribusiness programmes. Two programmes with specific challenges and questions were presented by members.

1. Brokering successful 4P partnerships

By Nico Janssen, SNV netherlands development organisation

In this programme, funded by IFAD, SNV and consortium partners develop best practises on establishing Public - Private - Producer partnerships through Provision of brokering services. See the following link for the introduction and more information

The Issue

Finding new ways to finance middle size, emerging (and growing) local agribusinesses with a capital re

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Posted 6 November 2017 at 03:09

Partnership cracks open the macadamia chain for small farmers

The cultivation of macadamia nuts in Malawi has been the preserve of big businesses to date. Small farmers lack the requisite materials, knowledge and a sales channel to start cultivating the popular nut themselves. Thanks to a Dutch-Malawian project, they too are now being given access to this growth market.

The project is providing 3,000 farmers in Malawi with a total of 300,000 small macadamia trees. This is being enabled by an investment on the part of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The seedlings are being grown centrally by Malawian processing firm Sable Farming, which is also taking responsibility for their distribution to the farmers. The impact for the farmers will be considerable, explains the firm’s director, H.S. Pannu. 'Macadamia cultivation will generate an extra, secure income for them. It will supplement income from crops such as maize and tobacco, which are harvested in the spring. Macadamia cultivatio

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Dorothy Maureen Otieno Like the social impact implication of the project in the long run and the fact that project is supporting the small holders in other food crops, for food security.

3 months 2 weeks ago


Circular Agribusiness in Dairy: let’s close the loops?

Event posted by in Van Hall Larenstein University
  26 October 2017, 17:30-19:30
  Van Hall Larenstein University - Velp

Agri-Food chains are based on linear principles, the call for a circular economy is big. The dairy farming industry claims to be based on circular principles, however, in many countries it is solely linear.

Which solutions for circularity do we have in agribusiness? Are these solutions climate-smart or inclusive? And what can we learn from each other?

You are invited to discuss these topics, together with members of the network and students from Van Hall Larenstein University during an informal dinner meeting!

To join, simply send an e-mail to Janine Schoeman ( before the 20th of October.

See you on Thursday the 26th!

Marco Verschuur

Coordinator Master Agricultural Production Chain Management - Van Hall Larenstein
Host and Lead for this meeting


Expert Meeting: Inclusive Agribusiness Programs

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  08 November 2017, 14:00-17:00
  RVO, The Hague

As a manager or implementer of inclusive agribusiness programs, your organisation probably encounters many challenges and issues. This is your chance to share your experiences from these programs and learn from other network members and partners who drive similar programs!

On request of network members, AgriProFocus organises a small-scale expert meeting (max 20 participants) on Wednesday November 8 from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs in The Hague.

The focus of the afternoon will be on mutual learning. You will be jointly providing solutions for critical, real life issues and challenges that all of you experience in the inclusive agribusiness programmes you (co)implement.

Expected outcomes:

+ You have learned from other members’ experiences in similar programs.
+ You have concrete ideas for solutions to tackle issues and challenges in your program(s).
+ You know with whom you can build on these ideas to improve performance in present or future programs.

This meeting is on invitation only.

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Posted 8 October 2017 at 03:43

AgriProFocus members can make use of our creative co-working spaces in Utrecht (near Central Station) for free!

We offer: 

- A creative meeting room (30 people)
- Skype rooms (2)
- Small meeting room (2 people)
- Workspot with WiFi and nice coffee!
- Lunch (The Color Kitchen)

Contact us to check availability: or call 030-3039745 

See you soon!  

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Posted 8 October 2017 at 03:37

Speeddates, Networking & Joint Agenda Setting during our Network Day

Speeddates - Networking - Joint Agenda Setting, just a few ingredients of our members meet up of Thursday  28 September in Ede, The Netherlands. 12 of our networks country coordinators were present for our annual team week and of course we seized the opportunity to organise a network oportunity with our Dutch member organisations!

The afternoon started with an inspirational talk by Ellen Mangnus (Utrecht University) on our mission ‘Making Agribusiness Work for Development’, followed by a participatory member session to reflect on key issues and challenges underneath this mission.

We continued with roundtable working groups on our four central themes:

+ Inclusive Agribusiness
+ Climate Smart Agribusiness
+ Circular Economy Agribusiness
+ Nutrition Sensitive Agribusiness

Central questions: What are the underlying challenges? What are the most burning issues? Where do we see the biggest opportunities for change?

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Daoulata MAIGA Merci pour le partage Anne Marie , très intéressant la rencontre ! 

4 months 1 week ago

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Posted 21 September 2017 at 08:19

Vlog #8: Woord & Daad: Making Agribusiness work for Development in Bénin and Burkina Faso

Eddie Krooneman, Policy Advisor and Projectleader Employable Youth in Ethiopia, tells us in about 3 minutes what Woord & Daad does and shares an example of their work in the cashew sector in Bénin and Burkina Faso  

Meet the other Dutch member organisations and what they can do for you on THIS PAGE  

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Posted 19 September 2017 at 11:48

Dutch Development Results - Website!

With this website, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents the results that the Netherlands, together with national and international partners, has achieved in the field of development co-operation in 2016.

Have a look at this very informative website, with information on country level, countries and themes:  

Inclusive sustainable development

Investing in inclusive sustainable development pays off. This was also apparent in 2016. The number of people living in extreme poverty has been further reduced to less than 10% of the world’s population. In 2010, this figure was 22% (and in 1990 it was 47%).

Making trade and investment flows sustainable is no easy feat in an unpredictable global economy. Climate change is not only leading to long-term drought but also to major flooding. And for truly equitable development to exist, attention must be paid to the disadvantaged position of women and girls. The Netherlands conti

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AgriProFocus Indonesia Great report, thank you!

5 months 3 days ago

Toto suryawan Good jobs

5 months 4 hours ago

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Posted 18 September 2017 at 03:01

[VIDEO] End hunger, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Watch this video to see what food security actions the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and partners undertake in developing countries. This video shows the results of the past years as well as questions for the future.

Hadijah Ssekyondwa N. Thank you. Very informative video 

5 months 20 hours ago

Dorothy Maureen Otieno Great  video, very important issues that effect smallholder farmers households, highlighted.

3 months 2 weeks ago

Paul Marivate Thanks. I am currently writing an academic working paper on food security. I am also engaged in food security projects in the Limpopo Province in South Africa 

2 months 4 weeks ago

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Posted 18 September 2017 at 10:13

[Rapport] L’État de la sécurité alimentaire et de la nutrition dans le monde 2017

Les ambitions de transformation associées au Programme de développement durable à l’horizon 2030 appellent l’ensemble des pays et des parties prenantes à travailler de concert afin d’en finir avec la faim et de prévenir toutes les formes de malnutrition d’ici à 2030. Pour satisfaire ces ambitions, il faudra impérativement rendre l’agriculture et les systèmes alimentaires durables, de sorte à garantir la stabilité des disponibilités alimentaires et à donner à chacun accès à une nutrition satisfaisante et à la santé. Le lancement du Programme 2030 a coïncidé avec le début de la Décennie d’action des Nations Unies pour la nutrition (2016-2025) et donné ainsi une nouvelle impulsion à ces engagements en établissant un cadre d’action cohérent assorti d’un calendrier.

Cette année, le rapport sur L’État de la sécurité al

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Daoulata MAIGA Merci Anne Marie pour le partage de ce rapport très riche en information, je vais la partager sur notre page Facebook.

5 months 4 days ago


5 months 2 days ago

Philippe AKPAKI Très intéressant rapport qui permettra d'orienter les actions et les stratégies pour une meilleure efficacité

4 months 3 weeks ago

ELYSEE NSHOKEYINKA we think  you  very much for your good report. be blessed

3 months 2 weeks ago

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Posted 18 September 2017 at 09:09

[Report] The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World

The vision of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls on all countries and stakeholders to work together to end hunger and prevent all forms of malnutrition by 2030. This ambition can only be fulfilled if agriculture and food systems become sustainable, so that food supplies are stable and all people have access to adequate nutrition and health. The start of the 2030 Agenda coincided with the launch of the United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition (2016–2025), adding impetus to these commitments by providing a time-bound, cohesive framework for action.

This year’s edition of The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World marks the beginning of a new era in monitoring the progress made towards achieving a world without hunger and malnutrition, within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, the report will monitor progress towards

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Paul Marivate Thanks. I am currently writing an academic working paper on food security. I am also engaged in food security projects in the Limpopo Province in South Africa 

2 months 4 weeks ago


2SCALE: incubating inclusive agribusiness in Africa

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  07 November 2017, All Day Event
  Social Impact Factory, Vredenburg 40, 3511 BD Utrecht, the Netherlands

What does it take to build an inclusive agribusiness in Africa?

Join the 2SCALE 2017 event and find out how 2SCALE, one of the largest incubators of inclusive agribusiness in Africa, built over 50 public-private partnerships in selected high-potential product groups in nine countries in Africa.

You will learn from the best: entrepreneurs, producer organizations, microfinance institutions, business coaches, SMEs and others will all share how they succeed in establishing new agribusinesses.

Besides sharing our lessons learned, we want to learn from you! During the break-out sessions we will dive deep in several topics that are essential to making inclusive agribusiness work.


09:30 Registration and coffee
10:00 Plenary sessions: What it takes to build an inclusive agribusiness

Key-note speaker: Ruth Kinoti – founder and CEO of Shalem investments

Other guest speakers representing inclusive agribusiness projects in Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Nigeria.

12:30 Speed-date with speakers

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Posted 29 August 2017 at 07:50

Vlog #7: Making agribusiness work for development has everything to do with farmer professionalism! 

Eline Arnoldy, business development manager at our Dutch member SCOPEinsight, explains in this 2-minute vlog! 

Meet the other Dutch member organisations and what they can do for you on THIS PAGE


The Future of Gender in Value Chains

Event posted by in Gender in Value Chains
  21 September 2017, 12:00-14:00
  AgriProFocus Office - Utrecht

For quite some time now, AgriProFocus’ members highlight the importance of gender equality as an objective (#SDG5) in their mission and programmes. Next to that, many focus on gender in their efforts to strengthen farmer entrepreneurs and the agribusiness sector. AgriProFocus has been very active with gender and specifically with gender in value chains, developing and implementing the gender in value chains approach. This has resulted in outputs such as the Gender in Value Chains toolkit and the development of coaching tracks, rolled out in several countries, in collaboration with members and key stakeholders such as F&S Advisory Services, FAO and embassies.

In the new strategic plan of the AgriProFocus network for 2018-2022, inclusive agribusiness is a key theme and gender is a cross-cutting subject and working field. We would like to invite you, as member of AgriProFocus, to help shape the future of this theme within the network, building on your experiences, expertise and needs. Duri

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WORKSHOP: Improve your visibility - Online Platform

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Rwanda
  07 September 2017, 14:30-17:00
  AgriProFocus Rwanda Office

Improve your visibility online! 

The AgriProFocus online platform is a unique agribusiness platform connecting 24.000 agripreneurs worldwide. Our community is growing every day! 

Through our platform you can:

- Access useful local contacts through our Contacts database
- Market your products/services in our MarketPlace
- Market your organization/company
- Discuss agricultural issues with people from all over the world
- Exchange experiences and ask the community for input

The online platform features new content on a daily basis with the latest news and information, an online marketplace to trade, a forum to discuss and an agribusiness directory where you can find all connected organisations and companies.

What will you learn?

This training will provide you with hands-on experience on how to use of the platform, by learning how to:

- Register /sign-up on the AgriProFocus platform
- Update your personal profile
- Add your organisation / company’s profile
- Access useful agribusiness contacts throu

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