Rolf Schinkel

Network Facilitation Expert

Utrecht, Netherlands

About Me

To make a good change on access to local, regional and international markets farmers and their organisations have to be and operate professional. This is what I support as Network Facilitator with AgriProFocus. Working from the Netherlands I facilitate agro-business networks in Uganda, Burundi and DR Congo, so their members from national and international for-profit and non-profit organisations and companies, knowledge institutes and governmental organisations can be as effective as possible. The final objective remains food security and poverty reduction.

I'm also responsible for the Organized Farmer theme within AgriProFocus. With AgriProFocus' partners CDI and KIT I work on the roll out of the 2-2-Trade method.

Skills and Expertise


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Posted 13 June 2018 at 02:53

CoP Youth 22nd of May 2018

Changing food systems and the power of youth

How do youth organise themselves, and (how) can we support them?

On 22nd of May 2018, a Community of Practice (CoP) meetup around youth in agribusiness and food systems was facilitated by AgriProFocus and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP). The objective of the CoP is to share recent work on youth in food systems, provide feedback on each others’ work, identify knowledge questions and ideas for joint action, find innovative solutions for urgent issues, and to get to know other stakeholders working in this field as well as inspiration for collaboration.

Organizing of youth for changing food systems

This meetup zoomed in on how youth organise themselves around issues in the agriculture and food sector. In many development policies and programmes, there is a growing emphasis on the need to involve youth in agriculture in order to create employment, build up livelihood opportunities and engage in community deve

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Posted 12 June 2018 at 01:41

From pineapple juice to agri-tech: Investors hungry for piece of Africa’s food industry

Africa’s agribusiness and food sector registered strong private equity deal activity during the past month of May 2018, according to industry information service Africa Private Equity News.

African and International investors are also getting in on the action. Technology is playing an increasingly prominent role in food production and distribution – and venture capital investors are taking note.

See also [link]


Youth and Civil Participation

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  22 June 2018, 08:30-13:00
  Larensteinselaan 26-A, 6882 CT Velp, the Netherlands

Facilitation Academy


Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Science 

Youth and Civil Participation

Date and time: 22nd of June, from 9:00 am until 1:00pm. Walk-in is from 8:30 am onwards.

Location: Van Hall Larenstein, Larensteinselaan 26-A, 6882 CT Velp.

If you’ve ever facilitated a neighborhood livability workshop, or attended one, you know that the average of the participating inhabitants is definitely 35 and up. That raises some questions:

• What is needed to reach the youth from the age 16 to 24?

• What do the youth now want in the neighborhood?

• How do we keep young people/the youth in the neighborhood, in our area and our village?

• How do we involve them, reach them for and in our projects?

• What do we need to do?

Tools we use already in a development context are very usefull in a Dutch setting, while on the other side development organsations can learn from Dutch municipalities.. It may need a little tweak, in a modernized package. But how to do that?


The faci

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Posted 5 June 2018 at 01:02

New SDG Partnership Facility started

The Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Facility (SDGP) focuses on sustainable entrepreneurship and food security. The facility is the successor of the well-known Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV). Through public-private partnerships, SDGP contributes to achieving sustainable development goals: SDG 2 (end of hunger), SDG 8 (decent jobs and economic growth) and SDG 17 (partnerships for the goals).

Read here how to apply

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Posted 5 June 2018 at 12:49

FDOV is niet meer.

Nieuwe SDG Partnerschapfaciliteit gestart

De Sustainable Development Goals Partnerschapfaciliteit (SDGP) richt zich op duurzaam ondernemen en voedselzekerheid. Via publiek-private partnerschappen draagt SDGP bij aan het realiseren van duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen: SDG 2 (einde aan honger), SDG 8 (fatsoenlijke banen en economische groei) en SDG 17 (partnerschappen voor de doelen).

Dien uw projectvoorstel in

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Posted 9 May 2018 at 02:43

The AgriProFocus Network, in close collaboration with the Food & Business Knowledge Platform, facilitates the third Community of Practice (CoP) around Youth in Agribusiness and food systems.

Changing food systems and the power of youth

How do youth-led organisations organise themselves, and (how) can we support them?

In this 3rd Community of Practice meet-up, Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI) shares insights of recent studies on youth involvement in food systems. How are young people organising themselves and how do they influence food systems?  Insights are shared and some questions the studies raised are discussed. Look here for more information about this meet-up.

Place: Utrecht, the Netherlands

Date: May 22nd, 2018


Changing food systems and the power of youth

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  22 May 2018, 16:00-18:00
  AgriProFocus, Utrecht

The AgriProFocus Network, in close collaboration with the Food & Business Knowledge Platform, facilitates the third Community of Practice (CoP) around Youth in Agribusiness and food systems.   

Changing food systems and the power of youth

How do youth-led organisations organise themselves, and (how) can we support them?

Youth needs to be involved in agriculture, to create employment, build up livelihood opportunities and engage in community development. We all agree. The assumption is that youth can act as change makers within their communities. There is a host of interventions to support them, from developing their skills to getting them organised. Despite, barriers persist for young people to succeed in agriculture. However, what do we know about how young people organise themselves and try to change food systems and how they work? There is much we can learn from youth here, from the diversity, the creativity and the organisational approaches through which they work and contri

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Netwerkbijeenkomst Landbouwradennetwerk

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  20 June 2018, All Day Event

Wilt u in gesprek met het landbouwradennetwerk en deelnemen aan seminars en rondetafelgesprekken over agro-gerelateerde thema’s als markttoegang, voedselzekerheid, voedselverspilling, water, Brexit? Bent u zich als (agro)ondernemer aan het oriënteren op internationaal ondernemen of doet u al zaken in het buitenland? Noteer dan in uw agenda en kom op woensdagmiddag 20 juni naar de netwerkbijeenkomst die op een locatie in het midden van het land zal plaats vinden.

Voor meer informatie klik op deze link.

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Posted 4 April 2018 at 11:15

Beweging in het FDOV dossier?

Zit er beweging in het FDOV dossier? Iedereen snakt naar nieuws over FDOV editie III.

Is er nieuws? Geruchten zat en ik word geregeld gevraagd waarom AgriProFocus toch niets weet.

Vorige week sijpelde er wat nieuws door: er zit schot in FDOV! Het FDOV-dossier is langs de DG, goedgekeurd en naar minister Kaag gestuurd.

Over timing van publicatie wordt voorlopig niet meer gezegd dan dat met hoopt dat dat voor eind 2018 zal gebeuren. Er liggen nog andere, gerelateerde zaken op het bureau van de minister zoals de nota BHOS. Het nieuwe FDOV dient te passen in de kaders die daarin gesteld gaan worden.

Ik houd u op de hoogte, en als u wat hoort deel het en laat het me weten!


Movement in the FDOV file?

Is there movement in the FDOV file? Everyone craves for news about FDOV edition III.

There were rumors and I am regularly asked why AgriProFocus does not know anything. 

Well, is there news? Last week some news seeped through about FDOV: things are moving! Th

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Posted 13 February 2018 at 02:34

Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture visits AgriProFocus

On Friday February 9, Marjolijn Sonnema, Director General of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality visited the AgriProFocus office in Utrecht. She was curious to find out more about our network; who are our members, what drives us and how can the ministry and AgriProFocus work more together on agriculture and food security?

We wanted to present the broad variety of members and activities of our network. We invited members in Utrecht and set up a live video connection with Uganda and Benin. Our coordination teams there had invited network members and partners that are involved in the Benin “Uplifting the Fish Value Chain in Benin” program and in the Uganda PAINT program, two strong examples of how AgriProFocus facilitates Dutch, national and international partners to work together on common goals and agendas.

Thanks to the live connection a lively discussion sparked between the guests in Utrecht, Uganda an

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Akibodé Djodji Congratulations , Utrecht team, I see that this visit opens the door to a greater collaboration with the new ministry  of agriculture. Thanks to the team of Benin and Uganda for sharing your activities Together we will make agribusiness work for developpement  in Mali and the rest of the world

5 months 1 week ago

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Posted 8 January 2018 at 08:22

Call for New Business Challenge Ghana 2018

Do you have international ambitions with your company, with a special interest in Ghana? Participation in the New Business Challenge (NBC) can be your chance to realize that ambition. The NBC is a business case competition in which 20 Dutch and 20 Ghanaian students and young professionals work together for 2 months on a business case of your company. The students work in mixed groups of 4 people. It is up to the teams to come up with the best solution that can be realized for your company.

For the 4th time in a row, Sustainable Motion is organizing the New Business Challenge on behalf of Previously, companies such as Phillips, Tony Chocolonely, Closing the Loop, Cargill and NileDutch have taken part in this Business Challenge.

More information

Detailed information about participation as a company and general information can be found on the New Business Challenge website.

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Posted 30 October 2017 at 03:43

FDOV editie III

Op 12 october 2017 organiseerde MinBuZa een bijeenkomst over FDOV editie III. Plaats was de nieuwe locatie van het ministerie aan de Rijnstaat 8 in den Haag. 

Het doel van de bijeenkomst was tweeledig:

  • Presentatie door RVO en MinBuZa van hun ideeën voor een FDOV III

  • Ophalen van suggesties van geselecteerde belanghebbenden voor een nieuw FDOV

Namens AgriProFocus netwerk en F&BKP waren Rolf schinkel en Vanessa NIgten uitgenodigd. Volg de link en vind hun kort verslag van deze bijeenkomst.

En, bereid u voor op een nieuwe editie van het FDOV dat ergens begin 2018 gelanceerd gaat worden.

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Posted 15 March 2017 at 11:50

MoMo4Climate calls for fresh proposals  

Proposals that can attract private investors  

The Dutch private climate finance challenge ‘MoMo4Climate’ calls for fresh proposals. MoMo is interested in ideas that attract private investment for climate mitigation or adaptation programs. The challenge is to send a proposal that can attract private investors.

MoMo4Climate tests your business case through a panel of financial experts, offers advice to make your case more investable, and awards support to the most promising ideas. This year, the two best proposals of the challenge stand to win € 25,000 to further develop their business cases.

The Dutch Good Growth Fund will consider what proposals could be eligible for in-kind or financial assistance in technical support, capacity training or business case development.
In 2017, there will again be three calls for initiatives that involve a private sector company or financier in the Netherlands that proposes a climate intervention in a deve

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Fortunatus MLYANDENA Superb

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Posted 22 February 2017 at 03:41

New version of 2-2 Trade Spreadsheets

February 22nd 2017 a new version 4-2 of the 2-2 Trade Spreadsheet was published HERE on the AgriProFocus on-line platform. 

This version 4-2 replaces version 2 of december 2016. Version 4-2 has some bugs solved and has nicer graphics to be copied from the spread sheet.

  If you have suggestions for improvements, please let us know!  

Improvements from version 3 were:

- lighter and faster response to input;

- published as excel template. When you open it, it produces a copy of itself. No risk of damaging the original anymore.

Best regards,

Rolf Schinkel

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Posted 2 December 2016 at 11:14

New version of 2-2 Trade Spreadsheets

December 2nd 2016 a new version of the 2-2- Trade Spreadsheet was published on the AgriProFocus on-line platform. 

New in this version:

- lighter and faster response to input;

- published as excel template. When you open it, it produces a copy of itself. No risk of damaging the original anymore.

If you have suggestions for improvements, please let us know!

Best regards,

Rolf Schinkel

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Posted 7 September 2016 at 08:10


Our tea comes from the Rift Valley (Eldoret) Kenya. We'd love to get in touch with an organization that could help us to sell our product in the Dutch and European market. A partnership for the longer term is an option. Are you or do you know such an organization?


Onze thee is afkomstig uit de Rift Valley (Eldoret) Kenia. Graag zouden we in contact komen met een organisatie die ons zou kunnen helpen met het verkopen van ons product op de Nederlandse & Europese markt. Een samenwerkingsverband voor de langere termijn is een optie. Bent u of kent u een dergelijke organisatie?

Het betreft de volgende theesoorten;

- BP 1

- PF 1

- PD

- D1

Voor verdere informatie stuur een email naar : (link stuurt een e-mail) of kijk HIER

Vriendelijke groet,

Dorcas Jeruto

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Posted 5 September 2016 at 01:29


New call for proposals!

A third call for MoMo proposals is launched. We have already received quite some interesting MoMo proposals this year, but we are certain that there are many more innovative ideas on how to mobilise and leverage private climate finance. We therefore launch our third call. MoMo proposals can be submitted until 15 September 2016.


Do you have an innovative business proposal for climate action in a low- and middle-income country which could use public instruments to mobilize private sector engagement and investments? Then submit your business proposal at The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, IUCN NL and ECN have launched a new round for ‘Mobilizing More’ (MoMo) proposals. Because this is the last opportunity in 2016 to apply for help from the MoMo organisations, the deadline had been extended to 15 September.

MoMo brings together entrepreneurs, policymakers and investors to make business propositions

... Read more

Kabunga James Thanks for sharing this, i will definitely try it

1 year 10 months ago

Rolf Schinkel Great James! Let me know how it went.

1 year 10 months ago

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Posted 30 August 2016 at 09:48


a message from Bert Keesman, owner/Director at MetaSus, the Netherlands

The President of Tanzania Pombe Magufuli John decided last year to omit the trappings of independence day and instead to hold a national "clean up day". At the top the motivation to tackle waste is clearly present, but how widely is that enthusiasm supported? With these and other questions, a delegation of three Dutch experts travels in the week from 5 to 9 September to Dar es Salaam to explore possibilities for cooperation and doing business around waste between the Netherlands and Tanzania. The team consists of Herman Huisman, Rijkswaterstaat Environment; Hans Breukelman, Bread BV and Bert Keesman of MetaSus. The mission is a follow-up to the briefing of RVO and the Dutch Embassy in Tanzania (Eugene Gies) on waste management in Tanzania.

The preliminary impression is that the focus of a possible follow-up  program will be initially on public cooperation,

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Posted 17 August 2016 at 12:29

There is rumor about a new call of the Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV) . If you do not know any more what FDOV was about, this website of the Dutch RVO tells you all about it (also that it is currently not possible to apply for a FDOV-grant, but, .... there is a rumor)

Mr Anno Galema was one of the people at the ministry  of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands who worked intensively on the policy side of the FDOV at the so called PPP Expertise center. He has just started in his new function as First Secretary Food Security & Private Sector Development at the Dutch embassy in Kampala, Uganda.

An interesting interview with him was published April 28, 2016. It's about how the ministry looks at PPPs and role of the public P in the PPP. Read the article Here.

The last FDOV call was in 2014. All AgriProFocus countries were eligible at that time. See for the complete list of eligible countries: LIST

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Posted 13 May 2016 at 11:32

2-2 Trade International Training

Are you responsible for the local sourcing of your company?

Are you supporting farmers or producer organizations who deliver to traders, processors or other companies?

Then the 2-2 Trade approach for Farmer – Firm relations is what you are looking for.

Join our training and e-coaching trajectory!

You are invited to participate in the first open 2-2 Trade training and e-coaching trajectory that will be organized during the months July, August and September 2016 in Uganda. The trajectory can be attended by a maximum of 20 participants.

What do you get:

- Five e-coaching and e-feedback sessions: from June 2016 until September 2016

- Training session 1 : 4-day session from 11-15 July 2016

- Training session 2 : 3-day session from 23-26 August 2016

Check our special training page on this online platform for more information: //

Daoulata MAIGA Formation Internationale sur ''2 to 2 et e-coaching trajectoire Vous êtes responsable de l'approvisionnement local de votre entreprise? Est-ce que vous soutenez les agriculteurs ou les organisations de producteurs qui livrent à des négociants, des transformateurs ou d'autres entreprises? Ensuite, l'approche 2-2 Trade pour des relations agriculteurs-entreprises, c'est ce que vous recherchez. Joignez-vous à notre formation et e-coaching trajectoire! Vous êtes invités à participer à la première ouverture 2-2 Trade formation et e-coaching trajectoire qui sera organisée pendant les mois Juillet, août et septembre 2016. La trajectoire peut être suivi par un maximum de 20 participants. Qu'est ce que tu obtiens: - Cinq e- coaching et des sessions e-feedback : de Juin 2016 jusqu’en Septembre 2016 - Session de formation 1 : Session 4 jours 11-15 Juillet 2016 - Session de formation 2 : Session 3 jours 23-26 Août 2016 Consultez notre page spéciale de formation sur cette plate-forme en ligne pour plus d'informations :

2 years 2 months ago

Rolf Schinkel Merci Daoulata MAIGA pour l'interpetation en français. SVP notez que la langue utilisée dans la formation et e-coachinge sera l'anglais.

2 years 2 months ago