Patience Falasi Banga

Rural Development Expert

Kinshasa, Rd congo

About Me

After a M.Sc in Agricultural Information and Communication Management at Egerton University ( Kenya) . I rejoined the second phase of the information system which is focused on content management of eRAILS platform, specifically on how the system can be used to allow information flow from the scientists or agriculture experts to respond directly to farmer’s needs. At the same time being able to collect information from farming communities. My current position, I am the KMS agent: The contact person of the knowledge management service (KMS) in DRC. He interacts with the scientific community and published information in response to incoming requests.
In charge of Agriculture and Rural Development sector at Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) / DRC :
- Social media communication management
- Analysis of DRC rural development strategy
- Aid statistics on agriculture sector
- Technical input (identification, feasibility studies and design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation) of the projects in the agriculture sector
- Project BDS/Evaluation/follow-up management in agriculture sector

My current interest is to develop a programme of training, coaching and mentoring with NGOs in the Congo Basin that will enable them to improve their impact on Agriculture, forest governance and the rights of forest communities.

Skills and Expertise


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