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Posted 11 January 2017 at 01:42


Dear colleagues,

this new book on agricultural markets in Uganda might interest you: Neoliberal Moral Economy: Capitalism, Socio-cultural change and fraud in Uganda. I hope you can inform interested colleagues etc. about this. I hope to launch the book in Uganda at some point in 2017. Please email me for any questions/comments etc.


the introduction is available here: https://ws1.nbninternational.com/widgets/find/3/156/9781783488537

best regards, Jorg

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Posted 4 August 2015 at 06:07

Dear colleagues,


I hope this finds you well. I am part of the editorial working group of the Review of African Political Economy; http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/crea20/current#.VbIJ1vlWW3Y


The RoAPE working group will launch a new exciting website in a few weeks. The website will be unique in Africa, covering cutting edge debates with a political economy analysis housed and run by RoAPE on the continent. We are hoping to have a section of the site, under 'projects' on issues of economic fraud and anti-fraud measures, coordinated by me, with regular updates which we can feature as 'blogs'. These can be relatively informal, with data, information, opinion, argument as the research and network develops.  I am now looking for people who are interested in writing a piece (or –s) in the coming months for the fraud/anti-fraud section; a piece is about 1000 words. If you or someone you know is interested, please get in touch; we need some info what the topic would be

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Posted 10 June 2015 at 07:35

Dear colleagues, 

my name is Jörg Wiegratz. I am a lecturer in Global Development at the University of Leeds. I have been working on issues of economic development in Uganda since 2004

I am currently studying how certain business practices that people raised issues with are tackled in some new government initiatives, especially regarding sub-standard imports (PVoC) and fake seeds. I did my interviews concerning PVoC last August, and currently carry out interviews about fake seeds and measures to contain the problem. I am still in Uganda until the 28th of June. To-date, I have already met with a number of people from the government, private sector, and donor/NGO/development agency community. I would still like to talk to more people about their take on why fake seeds have been in the market for years, what interests underpin the practice of faking, and what to make of recent initiatives by government, private sector and development agencies to address the issue. Al

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Rolf Schinkel Dear Jörg Wiegratz, I hope you get a lot of response on your call because the subject you are doing research on is very important, it seems to me. You have put your coordinates in your message on this patform. The Uganda AgriProFocus team would like to know if you get response to your call via our platform - we hope you do! Success with your research and we are looking forward to the outcome. Regards, Rolf

2 years 1 month ago

Jörg Wiegratz Hi Rolf, I returned to Leeds a little while ago and will start writing up my findings soon. I will be in touch. regards, Jorg

1 year 11 months ago