Herma Mulder

Consultant Sustainable Trade

Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Me

Graduated from Wageningen University with a MSc. in Tropical Landuse. I started my career in Madagascar with FAO as volunteer, quickly followed by Niger and later Rwanda with SNV, working as an advisor on agricultural value chains: livestock/pastoralism, non-timber forest products and coffee. In 2010 after four years at SNV I made the switch to private sector and was responsible for Sustainable Cocoa and Coffee for a Dutch Trade company. In 2015/2106 I worked for AgriProFocus as business relationship manager and was responsible as programme manager for the Young Expert Programmes Agrofood (YEP). I started first of September 2016 as freelance consultant under the company name Alonzi and teamed with the consultancy company Agri-Logic. Thereby searching for assignments that are related to agriculture, trade and small holder farming systems see for more info the company websites.

Skills and Expertise


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Our Farmer Field Book is a pragmatic farm performance measurement and management tool. Allowing supply chain managers/donors to gain insights on the performance of their agricultural (sustainability) projects and allowing farmers to obtain insights and steer on the economic and agronomic performance of their farming business. For more info check out www.agri-logic.nl 

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YEP Annual Report 2015!

The YEP Programme Bureau proudly offers you their 2015 annual report. Currently over 60 organisations have applied to the programme, resulting in 150 Young Experts positions with a duration of 1 or 2 years. Since the programme started in 2013, already 40 Young Experts made the transition from Young Expert to alumni and are now part of a growing YEP alumni network. See our young experts here.

As a Dutch based organisation you can apply to YEP. New deadlines for proposals are 1 June and 3 October. Are you interested in the YEP programme for your organisation do the self-test to see if you fit the criteria.

More information on YEP can be found on the website: www.yepprogrammes.com


Georges Djodji Akibodé Le Bureau du Programme YEP vous offre fièrement leur rapport annuel 2015 . Actuellement, plus de 60 organisations ont adhéré au programme , ce qui a entraîné 150 postes pour jeunes experts pour 'une durée de 1 ou 2 ans . Depuis le début du programme en 2013 , déjà 40 jeunes experts ont fait la transition de Young Expert aux anciens et font partie d'un réseau d'anciens de YEP croissante . Voir nos jeunes experts ici . Comme une organisation néerlandaise vous pouvez appliquer à YEP . Nouveaux délais pour les canditures sont fixés du 1er Juin au 3 Octobre . Vous êtes intéressé par le programme YEP pour votre organisation?faites l'auto-test pour voir si vous correspondez aux critères . Plus d'informations sur YEP peuvent être consultés sur le site : www.yepprogrammes.com

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NEW YEP ROUND! - Apply before 1st of June 2016

Co-funding opportunity for Dutch organisations and their partners, that are interested in a Young Expert position for min 1 or max 2 years for their international Water and/or Agrofood project.

Are you a Dutch organisation registered in the Netherlands or do you collaborate closely with a Dutch organisation and you are interested to recruit a Young Expert for 1 or 2 years on your Water and/or Agrofood project, YEP might provide you an opportunity. 

Take the test here to see if you are eligible to apply. Countries in which the young experts can placed are mentioned here. Next to financial support the YEP programme provide an intensive learning and coaching trajectory for the Young Expert.

Young Experts have a BSc or MSc degree and a maximum of 8 years work experience of which 4 relevant. For more info on www.yepprogrammes.com or contact me directly.

Wycliffe Ondoro A chance for the young experts. This is a worthwhile opportunity. Thanks for sharing.

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Georges Djodji Akibodé NEW YEP RONDE! - Appliquer avant le 1er Juin 2016 possibilité de cofinancement pour les organisations néerlandaises et leurs partenaires, qui sont intéressés par une position Young Expert pour min 1 ou max 2 ans pour le projet de Agrofood leur eau internationale et / ou. Êtes-vous une organisation néerlandaise enregistrée aux Pays-Bas ou vous collaborez étroitement avec une organisation néerlandaise et vous êtes intéressé à recruter un jeune expert pour 1 ou 2 ans sur votre et / ou projet Agrofood Eau, YEP peut vous donner l'occasion. Faites le test ici pour voir si vous êtes admissible. Les pays dans lesquels les jeunes experts peuvent etre placés sont mentionnés ici. A côté de l'appui financier du programme, YEP va fournir une formation et de coaching trajectoire intensive pour les jeunes experts. Jeunes Experts ont un BSc ou MSc degré et un maximum de 8 ans d'expérience de travail dont 4 pertinent. Pour plus d'informations sur www.yepprogrammes.com ou me contacter directement. - Voir plus: http://www.agriprofocus.com/mali#sthash.oppsFQeJ.dpuf

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5th Undercover Farming Expo 2016

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  15 March 2016 to 17 March 2016 - All Day Event
  Pretoria, South Africa

5th Undercover Farming Expo 2016

Technologies adopted by Southern African Hydroponic Farmers for increased production

Undercover Farming started as an industry magazine, and gave life to Conferences and Expo’s to bring farmers, new investors, service providers from foreign countries and locals together under one roof where the latest technology is exhibited and professionals in the trade deliver presentations on technical and management subjects during a conference. Since the first Expo and Conference, the term ‘undercover farming, became a household name and visitors were inspired to invest in this kind of farming.

More info: http://www.undercoverfarmingexpo.co.za

Link to Program 


[Free Webinar] Global Trends for Emerging Markets in 2016 by

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  18 February 2016, 13:30-15:30

What is the importance of the emerging markets to the global economy?

Join the Master Class that will take place February 18th at 13:30h CET / 14:30 Johannesburg
Emerging economies have experienced stronger economic growth than developed markets, this is something that has been consistent in the last years and which is expected to continue in 2016 and beyond. 

Emerging markets are becoming the driver of global growth which is shaping global demand. Even though these countries only account for 37% of the world’s GDP, this is expected to gradually increase.

Learn what are the implications of this economic growth, how to identify emerging market opportunities, issues, trends, doubts and few certainties about the global trend for those countries that aim to become the world’s leading players in a free online Master Class by Dr. Mark Esposito. 

More information here: http://bit.ly/MasterClass_EmergingMarkets

Mark Esposito is pro

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New report on Farm-level Water Stewardship Assessments - Invitation for Webinar - Today!

Thu, Feb 4, 2016 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CET

The SAI platform is pleased to invite you a webinar introducing you to a new report entitled “Water Stewardship in Sustainable Agriculture – Farm and Catchment Level Assessment”   (http://www.saiplatform.org/uploads/SAI_-_Water_Stewardship_guide_-_3Dec2015.pdf) recently released by SAI Platform. This report helps decision makers to understand, act and communicate on farm level water stewardship, and highlights practical steps needed at farm level to promote water stewardship in a catchment context. It complements our previous report “Water Stewardship in Sustainable Agriculture - Beyond the Farm Towards a Catchment Approach”.

During the seminar, the report’s author, Peter Easton, will walk participants through the report’s highlights and the three practical key steps on the road to farm level water stewardship:
1. Knowledge -

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3rd All Africa Horticultural Congress

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  07 August 2016 to 12 August 2016 - All Day Event
  International Institute of Tropical Agriculture Ibadan, Nigeria

Welcome to AAHC 3, Nigeria 2016

We take pleasure in informing you that the 3rd ALL AFRICA HORTICULTURAL CONGRESS (AAHC 3) will take place from 7-12 August 2016, at International Institute of Tropical Agriculture Ibadan. The Congress will be hosted by the Nigerian Society for Horticultural Sciences and will take place under the aegis of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS).

The Congress will be hosted by the Nigerian Society for Horticultural Sciences and will take place under the aegis of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS).

The Congress aims to bring together scientists involved in diverse horticultural endeavours in Africa and to provide a platform that will encourage a spirit of communication, collaboration and sharing of knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our Continent and its people.
The congress will further strengthen the voice of African agriculturists in their respective academic, research and economic communities and industries.

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Call Internationaal voor Seed Money Projecten geopend

Mkb-ers uit de Topsectoren Tuinbouw&Uitgangsmaterialen (T&U) en Agri&Food hebben in 2016 de mogelijkheid om met financiële steun een internationaal, innovatief samenwerkingsverband op te zetten dat bijdraagt aan de duurzame ontwikkeling van een lokaal land- of tuinbouwsysteem. Nieuw is dat dit jaar de oproep samen met de Topsector Agri&Food wordt georganiseerd. Er is voor T&U € 123.000,- beschikbaar.

Seed Money Projecten zijn bedoeld om mkb-ers te helpen bij het opstarten van internationale samenwerkingsverbanden. Tijdens het project wordt onderzocht welke kennis nodig is om een kans in het buitenland te benutten en welke partijen daar bij nodig zijn. In een Seed Money Project draait het altijd om een zogenaamde ‘lokale systeemvraag’, dit is een vraag vanuit het buitenland die alleen opgelost kan worden als bedrijfsleven, overheid en kennisinstellingen gezamenlijk een bijdrage leveren. Voorwaarde daarbij is dat een

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Idrissa BA Hi Herma. Could you please translate this post in english.

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West Africa Trade & Export Finance Conference

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  03 February 2016, All Day Event
  Lagos, Nigeria

Recognised as the biggest gathering of trade finance professionals in the region, the West Africa Trade & Export Finance Conference will return to Lagos for 2016.

With over 300 delegates expected in attendance, the conference will bring together delegates from the market’s leading corporate, banking and financial services organisations to discuss key market issues within agribusiness, hard commodities, risk mitigation and infrastructural development.

In addition to a speaker line-up of the market’s primary decision-makers and trade finance specialists, the event will also feature a number of dedicated networking sessions, allowing attendees to establish new working relationships and re-acquaint themselves with old contacts, all with the prospect of developing business across West Africa. More information http://www.gtreview.com/events/africa/west-africa-trade-export-finance-conference-2016/ 


Chocoa Festival, Conference & Trade Fair 4-7 February 2016

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  05 February 2016 to 07 February 2016 - All Day Event
  Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

The 2016 Chocoa Trade Fair in Amsterdam will be host to a wide range of cocoa producers, offering both mainstream as well as fine flavour and single origin cocoa. Over 40 booths, mainly with cocoa producers, will offer the beans and cocoa products for testing and tasting. Some origins: Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire, Ecuador, El Salvador, Fiji, Ghana, Haiti, Honduras, India, Liberia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Samoa and Venezuela. Visit www.chocoa.nl for more information and tickets to the event.

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For Organisations in Water & Agri Sector: Apply for Young Expert Programmes before 1 February 2016

Subsidy for Dutch organisations (and their direct partners) in 68 Countries

Since 2013 more than 140 Young Experts have been deployed within more than 60 organisations in over 30 countries worldwide. Young Expert Programme (YEP) supports Dutch organisations that want to promote young professionals within their company for their international activities and projects. The YEP programme can support this in 68 countries. The YEP Programme contributes to a dynamic international network of experts in the Water and Agri & Food sectors and opens it up to a new generation of professionals, incentivising the sectors to invest in young talent.

For more information contact me directly or send an e-mail to info@yepprogrammes.nl

Deadline next round: 1st of February 2016

Application documents:  http://www.yepprogrammes.com/en/projects/forms

Main criteria applicant

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The State of Sustainable Markets: Statistics and Emerging Trends 2015

The first global data report on fast-growing voluntary sustainability standards outlines the share of bananas, cocoa, coffee, cotton, forestry, palm oil, soybeans, cane sugar and tea in 14 major standards.

The report is based on a partnership between the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) and ITC, and is supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

You can download it here

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VIP Packages - VIV MEA 2016, February 16-18 - Abu Dhabi

For African Companies and private sector associations in Poultry, Aquaculture, Dairy sectors

NABC, with whom AgriProFocus often collaborates for B2B events is offering VIP Packages to the VIV MEA 2016 Trade Fair in Abu Dhabi. There are a limited number of VIP packages available for of African Companies and private sector associations in Poultry, Aquaculture and Dairy sectors.  

The VIP Package includes:

- Free entrance ticket to trade fair

- Free entrance to VIP lounge

- Free entrance to welcome cocktail

- 3 nights hotel stay  

NB: it does not include flights, meals and other expenses

For more information see the attached file. If any questions you can also contact your local AgriProFocus contact or contact me directly. Please apply before 4 January 2016

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VIP Packages to VIV MEA - 2016 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E 

NABC offers a limited number of VIP packages to the VIV MEA 2016 Trade Fair on 16-18 February for AgriProFocus members in Africa active in Poultry, Aquaculture and/or Dairy Industries, that are interested to further develop their international market. NABC is looking for members that are already active in international trade or have a large sector representation in the country. 

Please contact me directly or the AgriProFocus contact in your country, if you want more information. The VIP package includes entrance to the Trade Fair, VIP Lounge, Welcome Cocktail and includes a three night's hotel stay in Abu Dhabi.

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TIGER Research Call for proposals "Water for Agriculture"


ESA is pleased to announce a new TIGER call for proposals aimed at selecting up to 10 new research projects, carried out by an African and an European scientist in full partnership, i.e. the funding aims to strengthen partner cooperation on a shared research topic.

The research shall focus on the exploitation of the capabilities of existing/past satellite missions (e.g. Sentinel-1 and 2, SMOS, Proba-V, ERS, ENVISAT) to achieve innovative scientific results and to demonstrate applications and services related to agricultural water resource management. Proposals preparing for the exploitation of missions planned for the near future (e.g., Sentinel-3, SMAP) are also invited.

The following main research objectives have been defined for the present call “Water for Agriculture”:

  • better understand and assess the status and changes in different components of the water cycle (e.g. evapotranspiration) in major Af

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Fruit Logistica

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  03 February 2016 to 06 February 2016 - All Day Event
  Germany, Berlin

More than 2,700 exhibitors and 65,000 visitors attend FRUIT LOGISTICA every year to realise their full business potential within the international fresh produce trade – and to write their own success story! For more information, please visit www.fruitlogistica.de/en/.

FRUIT LOGISTICA covers every single sector of the fresh produce business and provides a complete picture of the latest innovations, products and services at every link in the international supply chain. It thus offers superb networking and contact opportunities to the key decision-makers in every sector of the industry.

From 3 – 5 February 2016 some 2,700 companies from across the entire fresh produce sector – from global players to small and medium-sized companies and organisations from all over the world - will again be present in Berlin.The entire spectrum of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Dried fruit and nuts
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Transport and logistical systems
  • Produce handl

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We zijn zoek naar Nederlandse jonge professionals voor AgriProfocus in Mali, voor Akvo in Burkina Faso en voor DADTCO in Nigeria. Zie voor meer info http://www.yepprogrammes.nl/vacatures_nigeria_mali of stuur een mail naar info@yepprogrammes.nl

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On 5 November NABC organised an Ethio-Netherlands Business event. This precedes a trade mission to Ethiopia to be planned May 2016. It was a successful event during which Ethiopia investment opportunities were presented on the dairy, seed, oilseeds & pulses, spices, construction, soy, aquaculture and Poultry. More information on the event and the participants including the market reports on the different sub-sectors can be found online: https://www.nabc.nl/en/what-we-do/events/192/ethio-netherlands-business-event under factsheet.  

If you are interested as a Dutch company to join the mission please get in touch with NABC directly. 


Afrique Africa Investment Summit

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  17 November 2015 to 18 November 2015 - All Day Event
  Accra, Ghana

Welcome2Africa announce the 1st but annual Agrique Africa investment summit 2015.

The Agrique Africa Investment Summit, taking place 17-18 November 2015, at the World Trade Centre, Accra, will bring together over 300 of Africa’s leading Agricultural players, 20+ seasoned speakers, all with the common goal and vision to transform Africa’s Agricultural sector With ‘Agricultural Trade And Investment Opportunities in Africa’ being the key theme of the event, the Agrique Africa Investment Summit 2015, offers an invaluable opportunity for businesses with agricultural products or services to meet with Agribusinesses, farmer associations, and Agricultural leaders from across Africa. It also provides an excellent opportunity for Investors to view outstanding Agricultural investment opportunities.

The Agrique Africa Investment Summit is bought to you by Welcome2Africa, headquartered in the UK, Welcome2Africa was founded upon the vision to be leading provider of initiatives that

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Partnership Agreement Young Expert Programme Agrofood  (YEP Agrofood) signed!!

The Young Expert Programme Agrofood (YEP Agrofood) is now official; the Partnership Agreement has been signed! Marcel Beukeboom – Head of Food and Nutrition Security at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands - , Lennart Silvis – Managing Director of the Netherlands Water Platform (NWP) and Hedwig Bruggeman - Managing Director of AgriProFocus (on behalf of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform) – signed the agreement for the implementation of the YEP Agrofood.


YEP Agrofood can place 22 Young Experts a year: 11 Dutch en 11 local professionals in 68 countries. We aim to hold three rounds a year, for organisations to apply for a Young Expert position. The number of rounds will however also depend on how quickly the positions fill up. Deadline for the 2015 round, as stated in earlier communications, is set for next Monday 14 September. Next opportunity to apply will only be February 2016.

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