Sander Mager

Managing Director

Amstelveen, Netherlands

About Me

Starting February 1, 2016 I have the privilege to be the Managing Director of AgriProFocus. I have a Masters Degree in Ecology from VU University Amsterdam and post-academic training in Transition Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam. In my professional career I have worked for all four sides of the so-called Dutch Diamond (corporate sector, government, academia and civil society). I was Vice-President and Director of the Learning Program of TransForum (a public-private innovation program on sustainable agriculture), I worked as senior strategic adviser for the Ministries of Economic and of Foreign affairs, as lecturer at VU University Amsterdam and Nyenrode Business University, and more recently as an independent consultant at Licence to Grow. I strongly believe that innovations and agri-entrepreneurship can and will fundamentally and sustainably change food systems worldwide.

Skills and Expertise


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Posted 28 November 2018 at 09:35

Accelerating the End of Hunger and Malnutrition

‘We are not on track to realize Sustainable Development Goal 2, aiming to end hunger and malnutrition, by 2030. The number of people in the world affected by undernourishment, or chronic food deprivation, has increased from an estimated 804 million in 2016 to nearly 821 million in 2017, thus returning to levels from a decade ago, while overweight, obesity, and noncommunicable diseases are growing at alarming rates. Reversing these trends is critical, made more important by the close links between food security and nutrition and many other SDGs. A significant push to fast-track efforts at all levels is needed for the world to achieve the SDG target of hunger eradication by 2030.’

This conclusion from FAO and IFPRI forms the starting point for a three day event in Bangkok ‘Accelerating the End of Hunger and Malnutrition’ that brings together global practitioners, experts and leaders to explore how acceleration can best be achieved and what

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Posted 25 January 2018 at 02:42

In 2017 the AgriProFocus network has offered network services and activities to promote and support agripreneurship in your country. You may have participated in our activities face-to-face and online. Or maybe you were an active co-organiser. We would like to hear from you how you have appreciated our network services and if you have any suggestions for improvement!

Take the survey!

In 2018 the network will start with our new strategy ‘Making AgriBusiness Work For Development’. This strategy focuses on the effective link between business opportunities and development challenges. Your opinion and suggestions on how to improve the value of our network for your organisation will be immensely helpful in strengthening this strategy.

Please take about 10 minutes to fill out this online survey. I look forward to your responses. Thanks in advance!

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Posted 14 April 2017 at 04:07

I-PLAN goes Vietnam

Last week I was in Vietnam, where I also participated in the Regional Food Security Conference ‘Let’s get to work. Building a food secure future’. In her key-note address vice-Minister Marjolijn Sonnema rightfully added the word ‘together’ to the title: building a food secure future together. 

I had the pleasure to present a good example of working together: a project our network is developing together with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), the PostHarvest Network (PHN) and BoP Innovation Center. This project aims to establish an Indonesian Postharvest Loss Alliance for Improved Nutrition (I-PLAN).

Food losses

In the developing world most food losses take place before consumption and most remarkably, post farm gate between production and consumption. While loss is most often translated to tonnage of primarily staple foods wasted, postharvest loss and waste most dramatically impacts the perishable nutritious foods, which when lost translate t

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