Dedi Triadi

Country Network Coordinator

Jakarta, Indonesia

About Me


I have a very long engagement with agriculture sector. I was raised in plantation area in North Sumatra and joined Bogor Agricultural University where I chose Agronomy and Horticulture as my specialization. My professional experiences are mostly related with sustainability program and networking activities in private and development sectors. I was once entrusted for technology transfer project coordinator between Indonesia and Brazil, also had participated in several global and regional sustainability programs i.e. CocoaSAFE, CocoaLife, AIP-PRISMA, IndoGAP, Brebes EPCs Waste Management, and Capacity Building programs in Good Pesticide Practices for many stakeholders while serving for Stewardship and Environment Committee of an international seed and agrochemical association. I have certificate of competency in training as well.

AgriProFocus is a perfect institution for me as AgriProFocus promotes farmers’ entrepreneurship. I do believe, entrepreneurship is the missing link in order to elevate our farmers to a more respected position. Indonesia needs more entrepreneurs in agriculture sector to strengthen national food sovereignty and to provide and open more brighter opportunities for youth, especially in rural area. Personally, I has deep interest in urban farming and plan to be an urban farmer, of course with entrepreneurial touch. I do believe, urban farming will be the next hottest industry in Indonesia in the near future.

Skills and Expertise


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Posted 14 November 2017 at 10:04

Hi Semuanya,

Berikut ada info yang sangat menantang dari Single Spark BV yang sedang memperluas area penggunaan applikasi FeedCalculator yang akan membantu peternak unggas Indonesia untuk dapat meracik komposisi pakan unggasnya lebih tepat sehingga pertumbuhan dan penambahan bobot unggas akan optimum sekaligus dapat menghemat pengeluaran pakan hingga 30-40%.

 Bagi pelamar yang berhasil akan mendapatkan pelatihan di Belanda dan berkesempatan untuk masuk program YEP (young expert program) dari pemerintah Belanda.  Informasi lengkap dapat dilihat di bawah ini.

Job Vacancy

We are looking for:

• Men / women

• Bachelor or master degree in livestock feed / animal nutrition.

• Max. 4 year working experience (mandatory)

• Living in Indonesia

• Feeling for research about and distribution of the Feed Calculator; an app for poultry and pig

farmers to formulate their own feed formulations.

We are offering:

• Position for 1 year

• Starting 1st of March 2018

• Salary:

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