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Azeus have been concentrating on establishing a comprehensive sales network and agency around the world, and we have years’ of experience of fish feed machines developing and designing. To give fish farmers a real support, as an expert in fish feed machines, Azeus is always taking manufacturing and supplying high-quality fish feed production equipment with rational prices as the major goal, and the machines from our company are working well for making qualified pellet fish feed to ensure the profits of fish farmers. Therefore we believe that we can make great success together with our customers.

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Posted 10 July 2018 at 03:36

Make Homemade Fish Feed

Dry ingredients

• Four cans flour

• Three cans fishmeal,

• One can starch,

• Five spoonfuls cooking oil or water,

• One vitamin packet or vegetable left over

• One mineral packet or wilting vegetable leaves.

Wet ingredients

1. Choose between bananas, bread fruit, cassava, or Taro as the starch. Cook it.

2. Mash enough to fill up the soup can once and put it into the wet ingredients’ bowl.

3. Fill the soup can twice with water, add to the same bowl, and mix it together with the starch.

4. You can also mash the sweet potato, add the egg yolk to the same bowl and mix it.


• First, mix the wet and dry ingredient mixtures in a bowl. Knead it to make dough.

• Once the dough feels crumby, pour five spoonfuls of oil or on the dough and knead it to blend well.

• Tear off little pieces and roll them between your palms into small balls [about 2-3 inches].

• One by one, place the balls on a mesh screen and use your thumb to push the dough from one side of the s

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Preparing for a Farm Pond

Look for some basic features to turn an existing farm pond into a fish pond. The pond should be at least 1 acre in size. Smaller ponds can work, but pose some difficulties in managing the fish population.

Fish ponds should be at least 6 feet deep, but no more than 12 to 15 feet deep. The water level should have a mechanism of control, such as a sleeved standpipe fitted with a cut-off valve at the bottom. The pipe and cut-off valve control water levels by allowing you to remove lower, unoxygenated water.

Finally, look for obvious problems, including inconsistent pond water levels, leaks in dams, or extensive vegetation in the pond, such as algae, cattails or phragmites. Depending on the severity of the problem, it might be better to start anew, rather than try to fix an old pond problem, especially if it involves your dam or basin.

Whether evaluating an existing farm pond or building a new one, focus on the pond’s location. Farm sites should be evaluated from two pers

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How to distinguish dry type fish feed extruder and wet type fish feed extruder

There are two types fish feed extruder,one is dry type fish feed extruder and another is wet type fish feed extruder which need to be used with the steam boiler to inject the steam when pelletizing,both them are widely used for kinds of pets like fish, catfish,shripm,crab,prawn,dog,pig,cat,and so on. Fish feed extruder is one of the most important part in fish feed production, so it is necessary to know fo them.

1.Dry type fish feed extruder

The fish feed extruder machine is used to make the pellet from the grain,the soybean,the cereal,or other materials.The pellet floats on the water at least about 12 hours.Especially for aquaculture industry such as the fish,the shrimptortoise,and other aquatic product.The pellet diameter can be varied. the fish feed pellet machine can produce many kinds of fodder for different kinds of animals. It can make poultry fodder, pet-fodder,as well as aquaculture fodder and fishery feed.t

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