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Hi, I am the community manager, working as a communication intern at AgriProFocus Tanzania in Dar es salaam office. My job is to provide you with all the necessary updates about agribusiness and make you feel welcome in our platform. I am also a fan of volunteer and i did an expedition program with Raleigh Tanzania at the end of 2016 and early 2017 and had an amazing time in rural areas of my country. Also worked with online platform named Mdundo music as a community manager. And also the best part is I am an online volunteer translator and proofreader for uridu organization that aim to help women in developing countries with health, nutrition and job knowledge.

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Posted 21 December 2017 at 07:09


Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SATclosely with small scale farmers on organic farming and stakeholders like universities, companies and governmental extension officers. Its holistic approach establishes an Innovation Platform, where dissemination, research, application and networking are the main pillars. 

Two exciting opportunities with this dynamic and fast-growing organisation awaits the right candidates. This is a busy, high-volume but friendly environment that will suit organised and professional persons with, passion for sustainable agriculture, community development, a great eye for detail and plenty of team spirit.   


1. Communication Manager

   -  The communication manager will be responsible for conveying Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) its internal and external messages. He/she will draft written materials, prepare presentations and communicate with employees and stakeholders.

2. Program Manager

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Posted 20 December 2017 at 08:15

How to protect pests and diseases in your tomatoes!!

Here are the eight ways (8) to protect your tomatoes from the diseases and pests;

1. Feed the soil Healthy soil leads to strong healthy plants. Creating rich healthy soil is one of the most important ways of combating pests and diseases. The best way to add nutrients and improve soil structure is to add plenty of organic matter such as manure. Healthy plants are better able to fend off diseases.

2. Fertilize -  What this means is; fertilize enough to keep plants healthy, and no more than that. DO NOT over-fertilize and practice regular watering. Healthy plants are much more likely to resist diseases and other problems.

3. Crop rotation -  This is one of the top ways to prevent pests & diseases on your farm. Move your crops around each year so that the same group of crops isn’t in the same area for more than one season. Avoid rotating the same ground with peppers, which can host the same diseases.

4. Weeding

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Agape PALILO Protection against Tomato pests and diseases 

9 months 1 week ago

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Posted 14 December 2017 at 10:37


Tanzania Horticulture Association (TAHA)  has come up with a mobile phone application to help farmers in horticulture sector to access information easily through their mobile phone. 

The Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) is an apex private sector member based organization that advocates for the growth and competitiveness of the horticultural industry in Tanzania. 

The association came up with the App named TAHAKILIMO APP,  and is available at Playstore for Android users. 

To download the APP follow this LINK.

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Posted 12 December 2017 at 09:13


Feed Calculator, is an App co-created by a leading Dutch nutritionists and livestock experts in partnership with farmers in developing countries and tested by the NGO called BRAC and IITA in Tanzania. And the App is available now in Google Play Store, free for all smallholder poultry farmers all over the world. 

Feed Calculator is an app that generates affordable qualify feed recipe for poultry from locally available ingredients, has the potential to be a game changer for poultry farmers as a result from its pilot testing saw a near doubling profits. 

The pretest results showed that the broilers fed using recipes suggested by the app had an average 15% higher weight and that the app on average reduced the cost of feed by 31% compared to regular commercial feed. As a result, on average to 80% higher profit due to lower feed costs and higher weight of the birds. 

IITA  supported the pre

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Posted 11 December 2017 at 08:40

Online course on 'Gender-Sensitive Value Chain'

Join a free online course on 'Gender-Sensitive Value Chain' offered by the joint of FAO and UNITAR (United Nation Institute for Training and Research) on February, 12th to March, 09th 2018. 

The course will be conducted in English language only, you can register HERE.

Application deadline is January, 26th 2018. Remember the course is free of charge therefore first come first served. And there are limited chances available and will be subject to selection process by FAO. Please register early to be considered. 

Read more about the course through this LINK.

Photo Courtesy: FAO 

Jean Wilson TWIZERIMANA I Am Twizerimana jea Wilson from university of RWANDA IN college of agriculture ,environmental and veternary medecine,i was attendend 3rd Youth in Agribusiness Festival took place at Nyagatare Campus, and then i become inspired,i got many things, i really thank you for your mission which is to  promote youth engaged in agriculture.

1 year 6 days ago

PETER KOLAWOLE Thank you for sharing this information

1 year 5 days ago

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Posted 8 December 2017 at 07:18

Good Seed Initiative Video;

CABI.ORG shared an innovation video for Good seed initiative program that aim to provide farmers in Africa and Asia with access to quality seed, they need to grow locally appropriate crops by strengthening seed systems. 

In Tanzania the initiative focuses on increasing production and consumption of African indigenous vegetables  and strengthen value chains to deliver seed and produce.  By creating innovation systems for sharing and connecting increases market to farmers and access to quality seeds from seed stakeholders.

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Posted 5 December 2017 at 05:55


Nestle East African Region (EAR) are looking for a creative and innovative idea that will improve the health of the generations to come through knowledge of nutrition.

If you have an innovative idea that can help spread nutrition knowledge and empower people to improve health, Sign up, submit your idea and you could get funding of US$50,000.

The deadline for the application is 4th February 2018. 

To apply for this go HERE and see more details.

Hillary Dashina Thanks!

1 year 1 week ago

Agriculture Integrated Dev't Do you also accept innovative ideas from NGOs in Uganda?

11 months 3 weeks ago

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Posted 4 December 2017 at 12:18

Call for proposals from US African Development Foundation:

The U.S. African Development Foundation invites proposals for grant financing and local support, from African enterprises, cooperatives, and producer groups with innovative solutions that extend their own capabilities to increase revenues, create jobs, improve farmer incomes, and achieve sustainable market-based growth.  

The deadline for the application ends at January 29th 2018. 

Maximum awards is $250,000. And proposals will be accepted only from registered agricultural cooperatives, small- scale producer group and agricultural processors (from the mentioned countries find them from the application link.)

Read more about the application HERE and also you may find the Swahili, English and Francais document for application more details.

Iddi Hamisi Hello! Am asking if, I can apply for teaching farmers in Tanzania how to use agricultural by products like coffee husk to produce charcoal briquettes for cooking energy. It will help them to get income after harvesting. Coffee husk contain 4.3 % of ashes which its very good raw material for production of charcoal. thanks

1 year 2 weeks ago

Hillary Dashina Thank you for sharing. Surely this is something to seriously look into as it address most of small and poor farmers. I am working on it!

1 year 2 weeks ago

Victoria Gama Iddi Hamisi hello, and thank you for your offering for that, Please may you send an email to and we will get back to you for that. 

1 year 1 week ago


Mkulima Market

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Tanzania
  20 December 2017 to 23 December 2017 - All Day Event
  Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Mkulima market kwa kushirikiana na mtaa wa Chuo kikuu cha Dar es salaam inakuletea soko la wazi la mkulima litakalofanyika kwa siku nne, kuanzia tarehe 20 hadi 23 Disemba 2017. 

Kupitia maonyesho ya wazi wakulima watapata nafasi ya kukutana na kubadilishana mawazo na uazoefu kwenye masuala ya kilimo. Mwaka uliopita pia Mkulima market waliweza kuandaa masoko matatu na kukutanisha na kuwaunganisha wazalishaji zaidi150.

Gharama za kushiriki kwenye Mkulima Market kwa siku zote NNE (4);

Banda la pamoja (meza na kiti 1) 50,000/=, Robo banda (meza na viti 2) 100,000/=, Nusu banda 175,000/=, na Banda zima 350,000/=. Kutumia eneo la wazi kuweka bidhaa, kutoa huduma ya chakula, afya, michezo ya watoto ni 125,000/=, kwa mashirika na huduma nyingine yatakayopenda kuja na gazebos zao watalipa 200,000/=. Unaweza kulipia mapema kwa M-Pesa kupitia namba 0767-254 887 jina Vicensia Shule ili kupata namba ya kushiriki.


 Simu: +255 767 254 887 / 0629 042 678  


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Posted 28 November 2017 at 01:12


Our monthly newsletter is out and this time we have the Swahili and English version with different kinds of updates for you to catch up on anything that you might missed out this month. 

Here are the links for the both languages below.

English version LINK.

Swahili version LINK

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Posted 28 November 2017 at 06:38


Minister of Agriculture Hon. Dr. Charles Tizeba wants financial institutions including the bank for agriculture, CRDB and NMB to provide loans to food processors and buyers of agricultural products and farmers since they depend on one another. 

The minister says that on a Television program of Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC-1) named Tunatekeleza (which means "we are implementing") that aired every thursday, and  said farmers and agriculture stakeholders if they are provided with loans they can make agriculture more productive.

"Buyers and processors of agricultural products has a great opportunity to increase our market for Tanzanian farmers" Says Hon. Dr. Charles Tizeba.

Also the minister congratulate the CRDB and NMB banks for their tremendous support towards farmers and also wants farmers to form groups so that it will be easier for them to get loans. 

Moreover, the minister wants farmers

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Tatah Susan Victoria Gama, thanks very much for sharing  as this article falls in line with the main goals of the  4days GAIEXPO in Tübingen -Germany  August 9 - 12, 2018 focused on Agriculture, Finance and development.  Contrary to banks, we see the Diaspora as potentials to invest in this sector by granting loans. therefore our aim is to mobilize the Diaspora to be loan givers to boast up the agricultural sector in sub-Sahara Africa. The focus country for the International Expo is Tanzania. Africa shall feed the world in the nearest future but this dream will only come true if farmers in homeland and the Diaspora work together. One of the most important project during the Expo days will be  creating the p2pnet - private to private network aim at providing small loans and education to farmers back at home.

1 year 2 weeks ago

Tatah Susan Victoria Gama, you can be of great help, we need a correspondent in Tanzania, we need you! contact me at

1 year 2 weeks ago

Tatah Susan Great initiative hon. Dr Charles tizeba. We from are on board, to mobilize the Diaspora to be loan givers.

1 year 2 weeks ago

Victoria Gama Thank you so much Tatah Susan for the opportunity you shared with us, I will contact you ASAP. 

1 year 2 weeks ago

Mukamusoni Marie Louise We appreciate how you share information.

10 months 2 weeks ago

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Posted 22 November 2017 at 11:35


Mastercard imefungua dirisha kwa awamu ya 3 ya maombi ya kifedha katika mradi wa FRP ambao ni mradi wa kifedha kwa ajili ya maendeleo vijijini. Mradi huo wa FRP unatoa kiasi cha dola $50 milioni kwa kuandika mapendekezo ya mradi kwa taasisi au mashirika. Soma zaidi HAPA.

Lengo la mradi huo ni,

- Matokeo: mradi uwe na matokeo chanya katika maisha ya watu masikini kwa kutengeneza kazi, kipato, uzalishaji na kupunguza hatari katika jamii husika.

-Ubunifu: Mfuko unategemea kuunganisha ubunifu na uwezo katika sekta ya fedha na kilimo ili kubuni, kuongeza ubunifu, kuongeza upatikanaji na kufikisha huduma za kifedha kwa kiwango sahihi. 

-Uendelezaji: Miradi inayosaidiwa na mfuko huu unatakiwa kueleza ni kwa jinsi gani unatarajia kufikia malengo yake kifedha kwa muda.

Hadi sasa Tanzania kuna miradi 5 inayoendeshwa nchini Tanzania, Uganda miradi 4 na Kenya miradi 6. Kiasi cha zaidi ya dola $50 Milioni kimetengwa katika

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Tatah Susan That is just the right thing to do, thx for sharing

1 year 2 weeks ago

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Posted 21 November 2017 at 09:43

10 Reasons for you to opt pulses

Pulses are a leguminous crop that are harvested solely for the dry seed and they include beans, lentils, chick peas, cowpeas, groundnuts and peas. FAO have shared an interesting article about this type of crops and why you should choose pulses for your health as explained below;

1- Low in fat and contain no cholesterol.

2- Low in sodium.

3- Great source of plant -base protein.

4- Good source of iron. 

5- High in potassium.

6- High in fibre foods.

7- Excellent source of folate.

8- Pulses can be stored for long time.

9- Low glycemic index foods.

10- Pulses are naturally gluten-free.

Read int details about this ten benefits of pulses HERE.

Tatah Susan Ah ok?! I have just learnt alot in this pregnant write up. How does it work?

1 year 2 weeks ago

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Posted 20 November 2017 at 10:59

Agricultural courses at your fingertips!

FAO e-learning center offers free interactive courses- in English, French and Spanish on topics ranging from food and nutrition security or climate change to land tenure.  

The courses are suited to agricultural and food security professionals, students, and anyone interested in the broad range of topics offered by FAO.  Also this will give you more opportunity to learn and knowledge in agriculture.  

Find the topics titles below;

1. The basics of nutrition, food security and livelihoods 

2. Climate change and food security

3. Pre-breeding for effective use of plant genetic resources

4. The Responsible Governance of Tenure

5. Rural Invest – preparing effective Investment Project Proposals

6. An introduction to social safety nets

7. Enhancing participation in CODEX activities

Photo source: FAO Knowledge

Tatah Susan I am interested, need basics  knowledge in agriculture. Damn this is interesting, please i need updates

1 year 2 weeks ago

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Posted 17 November 2017 at 03:58


Are you interested in entrepreneurship? Are you a graduate or a student living in Iringa and you would like to start a business today? 

Here is an opportunity for you from Kiota Hub, a twelve week internship program that starts from 2nd of December 2017 to 2nd March of 2018.  

The Kiota Hub Internship Program is a 12 weeks intense capacity building and business development program .This is an entrepreneurship internship program ideal for University graduates and students who are passionate with Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  

The program is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs from the idea generation stage to a developed prototype that is ideal for Kiota's Mentorship program.   

To apply for this opportunity go to this LINK.


Tatah Susan thx for sharing

1 year 2 weeks ago

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Posted 16 November 2017 at 09:49


Mbolea ya minjigu ni aina ya mbolea asilia kwa ajili ya kupandia. Mbolea hii inatokana na miamba inayochimbwa eneo la Minjigu mkoani Manyara.  Mbolea hiyo husagwa na kufungashwa katika kiwanda kinachopatikana mkoani humo. 

Zifuatazo ni faida za matumizi ya mbolea ya minjigu;

-Huongeza mavuno ya mazao kwa kiasi kikubwa. 

-Huyeyuka taratibu, hivyo hukaa muda mrefu kwenye udongo.

-Rahisi kuihifadhi na haina madhara kwa udongo kama mbolea nyingine za chumvi.

Pitia kiambatanisho hapa chini kinachotoa ufafanuazi zaidi ikiwemo ni udongo wa aina gani unafaa kutumia mbolea hii na vingine vingi kuhusiana na aina hii ya mbolea.

Chanzo: Tovuti ya Wizara ya Kilimo Tanzania

Mabiru Almas tafadhali naomba kupata mawasiliano ya watu wa minjingu ili tujadili kwa namna gani tunaweza kushirikiana nao  maana tuna program za kilimo cha mboga mboga tupo mbeya,Rukwa na Katavi. 0762201112/0625722894 VIEN AFRICA.Tafadhali naomba tuwasiliane 

9 months 3 weeks ago

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Posted 15 November 2017 at 06:51



Tunapenda kuwataarifu  fursa ya programu ya vijana wataalam ya maji na kilimo chakula (YEP) imetangaza  fursa kwa vijana wa kiholanzi na mataifa mengine husika katika kilimo chakula au sekta ya maji. 

Program itawaajiri vijana kupitia mashirika ya kiholanzi katika nchi ambazo ni stahiki. Mradi huu una lengo la kuongeza chachu kwa vijana wataalamu katika sekta ya kilimo na chakula na maji ili kuendeleza uwepo wa wataalamu katika sector hizo. 

Mwisho wa kutuma maombi ni Disemba 1, 2017. 

Wizara ya mambo ya nje ya inachukulia mradi wa YEP kama fursa ya kuimarisha ushirikiano wa kimkakati wa CGIAR na serikali ya Uholanzi. 

Mkakati wa ushirikiano wa Uholanzi na CGIAR umejikita katika nyanja 4 za kipaumbele nazo ni;

1- Kilimo kwa afya na lishe

2- Minyororo ya thamani za thamani 

3- Uboreshaji wa maumbile na vifaa eneza

4- Hali ya kilimo

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mwangangi joshua I wish to start growing pumpkins particularly giant pumpkins. help me get seeds and  a ready market.

1 year 1 month ago

Victoria Gama That is a great idea, please use the search tab to look for what you need to know and check with Kenyan network for more help mwangangi joshua

1 year 1 month ago

mwangangi joshua ok I will

1 year 1 month ago

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Posted 13 November 2017 at 10:24


Taasisi ya Mastercard Foundation na chuo kikuu cha Michigan wamezindua mradi unaolenga kuwasaidia vijana katika sekta ya kilimo ili kujikwamua kiuchumi. Mradi huo uliopewa jina la "Agrifood Youth Lab (Ag Youth Lab)" unalenga vijana wa umri wa miaka 18-24 na kudumu kwa miaka mitano na kuwafadisha vijana 15,000.

Tarehe 10 mwezi wa 11 yalifanyika majadiliano yaliyohusisha wadau wa kilimo (ambapo pia AgriProFocus tulishiriki) na kujadiliana mawazo mbalimbali ili kuuwezesha mradi kuwa endelevu na wenye mafanikio. 

Mradi huo unaofanyika katika nchi mbili za Afrika ambazo ni Tanzania na Nigeria. Kwa Tanzania inahusisha mikoa ya Dar es salaam, Pwani na Morogoro. 

Mradi unalenga sekta ya kilimo katika vipengele 5 ambavyo ni ufugaji kuku, samaki, kilimo cha matunda na mbogamboga, kilimo cha mihogo na mbegu za mafuta. 

Ili kushiriki katika mradi huu pitia tovuti HII TULIYOKUWEKEA HAPA na kusoma zaidi kuhusiana na mradi.

Ally Cosmas Asante, nimekusoma Victory Gama 

1 year 1 month ago

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Posted 13 November 2017 at 09:48


The Mastercard Foundation and Michigan State University launch a 5 year program for youth which will benefit 15,000 youth in Nigeria and Tanzania aged between 18-24 years, named "Agrifood Youth Opportunity  Lab (Ag Youth Lab)". On 10th November the Agri Food Lab held a Focus Group Discussion for the program and joined together different stakeholders from agriculture sector(whereby AfriProFocus took part).

The Agri Youth Lab will ignite opportunities to youth in 5 agrifood sector which  are poultry, aquaculture, horticulture, cassava and oil seeds. Through training, youth will be able to employ themselves and get job opportunities in the agrifood sector.

To know on how to get involved in the project below is the link that will guide you through what to do to be part it and get into training session.

Read more about Agri Youth Lab HERE.  

Tatah Susan Victoria, connect to tell me more on AG Youth LAB, this would interest my German farmers. 

1 year 2 weeks ago

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Posted 13 November 2017 at 07:28

Tanzania Gdp From Agriculture!

Gdp From Agriculture in Tanzania is expected to be 2285358.19 TZS million by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. Looking forward, we estimate Gdp From Agriculture in Tanzania to stand at 2154264.40 in 12 months time. In the long-term, the Tanzania Gdp From Agriculture is projected to trend around 2278164.64 TZS million in 2020, according to our econometric models. 

See the data from this LINK.

Tatah Susan Reason why we need to boost now

1 year 2 weeks ago